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INDONESIA - Aids Competence, with new spirit

Things happen when ready to happen.  I quote this from Jean Louis's email some days ago. Yes, I feel the true of that inspiring sentence. 

IndoCompetence as newly-recharged group of facilitators is pleased to share what we have been learned as we facilitated Aids Competence training for two selected AIDS support communities at City of Bandung. Its been assumption that participants of training were conducted by City Aids Commission did not attend its until the training were fully completed. In addition to this, venue of the training was a meeting of the office with modest facilities. These two challenges were briefed to IndoCompetence's facilitators (me and widad) before we facilitated the training.

And the journey just began. Session was opened by short introduction among participants who are familiar one and another. We shared slide to explain IndoCompetence since we are considered as new comer on AIDS's program in City of Bandung. Later on we start to share SALT. Like used to be, and I will always like this session, that all participants were started mentally involved and connected during the session while we shared stories and experiences how SALT influence our ways of thinking. Here are some reflection from participants ,what we call as quote of the dayn:

  • This morning I wake up and thought that need no terms and condition to respect others - Dio, students
  • By active listening, I can't make my story with no regarding your stories.  We make our stories together - Idam, students
  • Its been new for me that working is not like working. Its just like playing a happy game - dewi, a house wife
  • I never attended training like this, facilitators explained information in very simple language, easily understood, it make me enthusiast as new learner of AIDS program - dana, government officer
  • I felt that finally I can be recognized by the community member.  They are so open and invite my community to be part of them - mistika - a transgender
  • I felt that Aids Competence can answer our need and insight on how to create suitable program for communities at city level - Maya,  Aids commission's officer 

For me, I felt the power and the use of AAR to reduce assumption that might lead us to the misunderstanding on training management/organizing. I also highlight that A on SALT is also meaning accountable and T is also transparency.

The participants were active and involve at all activities particularly on SELF assessment and developing action plan. There were deep discussion among the three groups of participants to agree on what level they are on AIDS Competence. Its was rain that stop us that afternoon and we find dry place to continue on group presentation. I felt that I have to encourage all participants to practice listening otherwise they will lost SALT momentum.  Its obviously seen and felt that every participants tried very hard to keep listening others when they share. Under the rain fall we felt SALTY moment in a very small hut full of 17 participants who were enthusiast.

We find that SALT Visit need to be improved, since most of participants were still confuse on how to stimulate dialogue/sharing. We will be more well prepared in the next trainings.

Maya informed me that two days after the training two communities went to government office to share what they have been learned during the training.  The do ACTION soon as it was plan.  Its very good sign of Aids Competence spirit and IndoCompetence would be very happy and been  honored accompanying this journey!. 

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Comment by wiwin winarni on August 10, 2018 at 11:48am

Dear Rituu;

Thanks for the link you have shared, yes I read it through and learn more that listening is skill need to be exercised. Phil also thanks who has arise this conscience.

I used self-assessment as point of discussion since  practices assessed are real happen.  the practices are the fact each participants engage with. That's natural. Meanwhile, when we start using dream, in our context, dream mostly more abstract. And for some of us dream is like some thing far away from becoming true.  so I try to use SA as entry point and later on materializing dream after SA process.

To Celicia;

This took place during Family Planning (FP) training.  We have conducted 12 sessions/training.  FP program that involve communities is something relate with fund or resource use.  issues of corruption or money used inappropriately become concerned of most of participants. We agree that this practice makes FP commodity can't be delivered well. The discussion become very much intensified and when I delivered session on SALT as WoT I found that accountability and transparency become practice and principle that must be performed by us.

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on August 8, 2018 at 5:19pm

Well done Wiwin!

I particularly liked two things in your blog.

One is power of listening. If you search on Ning you will find many blogs on Ning eg by Phil

Second is- discussion provoked by self assessment - how did you arrive at a decision? 

Comment by Célicia Theys on August 8, 2018 at 10:46am

Wiwin, such great joy flares up in my heart as I read your post :) :) :) !!!!!

The "rebirth" is happening, and your perseverance and conviction to see it through is very inspiring! I am intrigued by your A for "accountable" and your T for "transparency" - what experience led you to single those to out as important to add?

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