Apart from standard medication and food, there some plants in the world that can help boost the immune system of PLWHIV.
-Galic ( Allium sativum) . This plant is noted for it antibiotic, antiseptic antiviral, antifungal and anti diabetic properties. It is known to slow down the progress of herpes simplexI which is a virus that stimulates HIV.We are encouraged to include much raw galic into our daily meals.
-Aloe vera. This plant containzs a compound that neutralises HIV by transforming its protein envelope such that it can not invade human cells. It also facilitates the absoption of vitamins and other nutrients.
- Citrus limon. Lemons contain alot of vitamins. A glass full of lemon juice in warm water will be of help.
-Cymbopogon citrate. ( Lemon grass) Boil a hand full of fresh leaves for 2 minutes in 1L of water, allow to stand for 15minutes , then sieve and drink at least twice daily. In South Africa, it was found that AIDS patients who drink this tea regularly developed appetite, put on weight and became stronger.

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Comment by Marlou on July 22, 2010 at 8:58pm
Dear Constance,

I hope you are very well!
You may have seen that a group of Constellation friends is currently working on composing a knowledge asset on 'Mobilising Resources', the last practice in the Constellations self assessment. We collect stories with experiences on this topic and we discuss common principles from there. See Laurences' posting http://aidscompetence.ning.com/profiles/blogs/share-your-experience-on for more details.
We thought your story 'Hope for PLWHIV' would fit nicely as an illustration of how mobilising (own) resources can benefit a community that is working towards AIDS Competence. If you were to give advice in one sentence to friends in other places in the world in relation with your posting, how would that advice look like. In other words: what is your lesson learned you would like to share, in one sentence?

I am also inviting others who have similar or related experience to the sharing of Constance, to share them with us.

Best wishes and be well,
Comment by Laurence Gilliot on February 19, 2010 at 1:26pm
Dear Constance,

Thanks for sharing these useful tips. I suppose these also apply to People who do not have HIV...?

I did a two week training in Thai massage and we learned about on important point to boost the immune system. You have to massage the spot between your thumb and your index finger, about 1cm from the edge of your hand. It can be left or right hand.

In Chiang Mai we also eat a lot 'mangoesteen' when they are in season because they are really superfoods, very healthy. Mangoesteen is a round black-purpil fruit with 5-6 parts inside.

Have a good day!


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