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The Fight for HIV/AIDS continues

Dear friends,

I am happy to anounce to you that i back online and most happy to know you are all there in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

As the international community thinks of comemoriating World Aids Day , come Dec. 1st, my school health club and i are not left behind. This time we have developed a new strategy which is not common with our club. We are coming up powerfully with 'dancing and drama' as the stragegies for this year's celbration to sensitise our peers on the dangers and… Continue

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Building team spirit in the fight against HIV

We all know about the ABC of HIV prevention which the cameroonian woman and her counterpart in the world use. Alot has been done and is still being done about teaching women their right, helping AIDS orphans , teaching aids awareness in schools and targeting special groups like sex workers or men in uniforms. Few programs target the married couple. It is in this light that we develop 'Building Team Spirit in Marriages'. as a mean of keeping couples intact and helping to reduce the spread of… Continue

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What's in my mind

Dear all, my last blog post on Ugandan experiece in fighting stigmatisation was to share with you how beneficial this is to our christian women's group in Cameroon.Fighting stigmatisation has been going on in many countries, but what makes the Ugandan case a lesson to learn is that the 'fight was coordinated by the head of state himself'. If the number 1 of a country is at the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS, it is an example to emulate.Hence, we the christian women are trying to apply.… Continue

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Fighting Stigmatisation

Dear friends, share this about Uganda .

Tha AIDS Support Organisation (TASO ) Uganda 2008.

TASO Vision

A world without Aids

TASO Mission Statement

TASO exist to contribute to a process of preventing HIV infection, restoring hope and improving the quality of life of persons, families and communities affected by HIV infection and diseases.

TASO… Continue

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Hope for PLWHIV

Apart from standard medication and food, there some plants in the world that can help boost the immune system of PLWHIV.

-Galic ( Allium sativum) . This plant is noted for it antibiotic, antiseptic antiviral, antifungal and anti diabetic properties. It is known to slow down the progress of herpes simplexI which is a virus that stimulates HIV.We are encouraged to include much raw galic into our daily meals.

-Aloe… Continue

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Good Nutrition for PLWHA

Balanced diet is a process of healing.It is based on this that some women groups in my area have sort better feeding habits as a means of fighting the world's pandemic.

Nutrition is the analysis of food and what it does to the body.It is also the study of the various food types and their nutritional contents. Nutrition also deals with the composition of food, its cooking methods and consequences of lmack of vital nutrientsin the body.

In a workshop carried out last year for trainers… Continue

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Greater awareness is needed

Dear friends ,

thank you for sharing with me your own experience concerning the situation of women and girls as far as HIV/AIDS is concerned. my worry mostly is because women form the backbone of our economy, especially at the rural level. the life of their family depends almost entirely on them. most women have averagely 3 children.

with such a position in the soceity it is dangerous if this group has to be affected to this level.

the government is doing alot in this area of… Continue

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Women and Girls: The vulnerable groups

Dear all,
good day. In 2007an HIV/AIDS screening survey was carried out in Cameroon. 7819 people were tested for HIV. 1210 were declared positive. Of this number, 915 were women and 215 men. Alarming isn't it.
More action needs to be taken for these figures to reduce.
Think about it.

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Peer education in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Peers have great potential to influence opinion in their communities and physically deliver services and effect change. Drama and songs were powerful instruments used by peers in a sensitisation campaign to create a greater awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS in some schools in Yaounde - Cameroon.
peer engagement increases their sense of responsible behaviour vis a vis each other and thus the likelyhood of prevention.

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Fighting HIV/AIDS in a school environment in Cameroon

Like in many developing countries, HIV/AIDS is a pubilc health problem. In Cameroon, more than 500 000 people live with the disease.Youths between 15 and 24 years are the most affected. In this age bracket, girls are the most vulnerable. Ignorance, poverty and high illiteracy level are the root causes.

For more than 10 years, the ministry of Education has been promoting health related activities in secondary schools through the creation of health clubs. These clubs have been actively… Continue

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