Global Learning Festival Newsletter: Two

15th October 2017

GLF Newsletter Two 


• Don’t miss - Jean Louis Lamboray will go live on facebook at 1 pm Uganda everyday of the festival

• Why are we at the GLF? Pourquoi nous sommes ici?

• Blog of the day - Eunice, Uganda

• The communities we will meet on 17th and 18th Oct 2017

• Always been in the DNA: Olivia, SALT facilitator based in Kenya (Video)

Don’t miss Jean Louis Lamboray will go live on Facebook every day at 1 pm Uganda time.

We will share the post on Global Learning Festival Facebook page.

Why are we at the GLF?

"I am here because I am working on becoming a facilitator. I like the approach of using the strengths of individuals in the community to overcome obstacles or issues affecting the community" - Amanda Donaldson, United States.

Pourquoi sommes-nous ici?

"Pour renforcer nos connaissances sur l‘approche SALT en s’inspirant des différentes expériences des autres pays. SALT est une approche structurée basée sur la participation de la communauté et qui est cohérente avec le mandat ‘humanitaire’ du BNGRC (bureau national de gestion des risques et des catastrophes), et la promotion des pratiques familliales essentielles, qui sont la base du developpement tel qu’il est vulgarise par l’ONCD (office nationale de concertation sur la decentralisation)." - Sahondra Rakotomalala ONCD et Melisa Venance, BNGRC Madagascar.

"To improve our knowledge about the SALT approach, inspired by different experiences from other countries. SALT is a structured approach, based on community participation, which is coherent with the humanitarian mandate of BNGRC (National office of risk and disaster management) and the promotion of essential family practices, which is the basis of development as promoted by the ONCD (national office of consultation on decentralization)." -  Sahondra Rakotomalala ONCD Et Melisa Venance, BNGRC Madagascar

"I am fascinated to learn the practical ways of applying SALT, to learn how to link and scale up projects and be challenged in views and perspectives" - Ruth Watson

"I am here to become a competent facilitator and to share and learn from others. My aim is to get back to Mauritius inspired and armed with tools to better our approach." - Annelise Pigeot, La Pont de Tamerinier, Mauritius

Blog of the day by Eunice

Adherence to HIV treatment: it's about appreciation and listening, ... 

The communities we will meet on 17th and 18th Oct 2017

Shared by Sylvia; source


Bugonga older person’s group

Older persons in Bugonga have formed a group that meets every last Thursday of the month to socialize. During these meetings they have a cup of tea together, chat, share and keep themselves busy by making charcoal out of waste. They sell these pieces of charcoal to each other at a subsidized cost. This is a very environmentally friendly way to preserve the environment, dispose of waste and maintain good community sanitation, as well as generate income for older persons. These skills are shared and passed on to the younger generations and ensure sustainability and continued income.

Kabaale older person’s group

Older persons in Kabaale have managed to developed very impressive network where they meet four times a week and have developed a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO). Here they save funds for their local activities like home visits, supporting friends during ceremonies or loss of relatives as well as the group management. By using CLCP members of Kabaale Older Persons group have managed to use the small space to grow vegetable s to enable them have a health living. To be able to build sustainable sources of income they have also started a catering firm where they provide catering facilities for parties, celebrations, funerals and social events. From this they are able to earn an income to support each other in times of need.

Katabi older persons group

Katabi is another active cell of older persons. This group have formed a group that meets at least twice a week socialize and do some exercises to keep them fit.They have also managed to come up with pig raring projects, craft making and selling and social visits. These projects are viable and can grow providing much needed income but are unable due to lack of financial support.

Kitubulu older persons group

While working with communities on understanding what kind of environment they wanted to live in, and assessing their health outcomes with regard to Non Communicable Diseases, we recently supported the rejuvenation of this group and they have grown from strength to strength. They have achieved a lot and can benefit from continued strength training on CLCP. They have engaged the interest and involvement of younger generations in the activities of older persons and it is with this effort that they will continue to sustain a healthy and active living environment. This group meets every first Monday of the month to socialize and make arts and crafts which they sell. An example of this activity is as above.

Preparations for the festival- a sneak peek



Video - Always been in the DNA : Olivia, SALT facilitator based in Kenya

Olivia Munoru is an Australian living in Kenya. She owns two businesses and applies SALT systematically. We often say that SALT is there at the core of every human, it is a natural way of being. As Olivia beautifully describes: "I think SALT was always part of my DNA from the very beginning anyway, before I discovered these letters. [...] Whether you are an employer or a friend or a wife or a mother or a facilitator or a coach, you apply it. I apply it."

Shared by Anu sieberk 

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GLF Newsletter team: Josiane Echeverria, Laurie Khorchi, Blaise Kizolele, Marie Lamboray, Rituu B. Nanda, Dr E Mohammed Rafique, Carmen Rivera, Prof. Shittu

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Comment by Nkurikiyinka Valens on October 18, 2017 at 3:54pm

Great to see the work that is happening in Uganda with the Older persons.

I told my Dad who is now in his retirement about the event in Uganda and he was so interested to know about this. I will keep him posted as you share the news. He is part of the same organization in Rwanda.

Great job in Uganda!

Comment by Jan Somers on October 18, 2017 at 12:08pm

Thanks for keeping us in the loop ! 

Comment by Birgitta Schomaker on October 17, 2017 at 1:29am

Well done! Great way to be update us with photos and brief paragraphs.


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