• SALT : Washi Village
    Date : Wednesday, 15 June 2022
    SALT Taken By : Imran & Shahrukh.

Went out today to take a SALT after so many days. ShahRukh and I went to Pirwadi village, we walked around the whole village but no one met. Then we go to Washi. There was a group of 4 people sitting on the bench chatting. Their average age was between 20 and 30. ShahRukh and I went to him and asked him to give us 15 minutes. We informed them about the Avani organization, the Kasturba Gandhi project and then about us and our gender equality project.

After that we got to know each of them by their name, what they do, how they feel after the lockdown and then we got back to the main work.

One of them was quick to share his experience when asked what he was proud of and what his experience was.

The man said, "No one in the village, in the house, should give me a good respect. When I came close, people would get up. The house dog was worth more than me. Because of Alcohol .. !! Alcohol had turned my life into ashes. When I realized that my condition was due to alcohol only, I decided to give up alcohol and just work hard. I started. Slowly I broke my drinking habit. I forgot about alcohol at work. I worked hard, built my own house without borrowing a single rupee, bought a tractor and kept my wife and children happy. It's been a long time since I've been able to do this, and I'm glad I did. It's been a long time since I've been able to do this.

As this person's story began, other people began to gather. The number of 4 people reached 10. And seeing this, we felt very happy. After that, the experience of many people there was similar. We also felt overwhelmed when we heard about the damage caused by alcohol and the progress made by quitting alcohol. I convinced myself from their hard work that everything falls into their hands.

Tears welled up in our eyes as another young man told his story. He used to say, "When we were young, our father left home. He never came back. It was very difficult for us to live then. Once upon a time, we spent our days on jaggery and Peanuts. I really wanted to learn but I couldn't because of the situation. At a very young age I had to take care of the house. But then my brother and I slowly grew up and made progress. The day will never be forgotten. "

Today we get a lot but we are not satisfied. When you get one thing, you don't feel satisfied with it, you immediately start trying to get another thing. But every time I hear such incredible experiences through SALT, a different power flows through me. After chatting with all the people, I asked them questions about the ban on Widow System. "Is Widow system Ban Right or Wrong?"

So everyone there said it was right. "She wants to be able to live, she has to have fun, so the law is just right." Very few people spoke positively but otherone else shook their heads negatively. I was surprised when a man said that the culture of the past was right. "Slippers are perfect for the feet." (Slipper's = Women). While 70% of women harass men, only 30% of women are good. Men marry only for sex.

Suddenly one of them told about Pandhari Wari. _(Vari of Pandharpur means to walk from one’s own house to Pandharpur for Lord and return back to house. The person who goes on this type of vari pilgrimage of pilgrim Pandharpur is called a Varkari (the follower of the pilgrimage)._ Seeing that, I asked them You should only take darshan of God Vitthal, don't take darshan of Mauli because she was also a woman. Mahalakshmi Ambabai (Temple) is also a woman, so why do we follow in her footsteps? If it Sawitri Bai Fule not for this, there would be no progress in education today. If Shivaji Maharaj's mother had not been Jijau, Shivaji would not have been hailed. At the same time, when someone told me that I have a good relationship with Bhosle Madam, I immediately asked him, "Would you do like the woman in your house, Bhosle Madam? It was unanswered at that time. After that I told them exactly what work I want to do under this project, what is our need and everyone agreed and promised to cooperate in the best possible way.

Lessons learned from the story shared by Vikrant, Shahrukh and Imran

1) The man decided that he wanted to change and then went on to change himself. Change has to start from within

2) He decided to change because no one valued him in his family or society. He wanted to be valued and respected, so he realized that he had to change and stop drinking alcohol.

3) When we see others change, if he could stop alcohol and grow in his own life, I can also make changes in my own life.

This SALT visit was one of the most challenging and instructive lessons we've ever done. This time we also realized that we should not only do the work of speaking but also our work should be seen in our behavior and speech. At the same time, people can trust it. I am very proud that I was able to handle this situation and get my work done properly.

It was all unforgettable for us..

Blog By - Imran

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Comment by Marie Lamboray on July 11, 2022 at 9:11pm

Challenging indeed! 

Slowly, but surely...

Thank you for your work,  Imran and Shahrukh, and best wishes


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