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Through SALT, we got to learn a lot for own ourselves too. When we facilitate a salt conversation, the person talks to us openly, and he or she tells us something that has not been shared with anyone. The story is often very emotional. Every person has his or her own different story. Some also have tears in their eyes while narrating their story because it is a very touching moment of their life. That one incident changed his or her life. And with this, our life also changes. His or her story brings a huge change in us, too. It is not like you have to experience everything yourself. We can also learn from the experience of others. That person, knowingly or unknowingly, teaches us a very crucial lesson in life that opens our eyes too.

I was very stubborn earlier, I did not care for anything except maintaining a certain lifestyle. If there is one thing I had today, I was never satisfied with it, I wanted more and more. We human beings are not at all satisfied with what we have. But when I started facilitating SALT, I started listening to people's stories - some people survived by eating jaggery and peanuts due to the economic situation, and some farmers were bringing vegetables from the farm, washing them, and eating them raw by sprinkling SALT on them. Unable to afford good quality wheat or jowar flour, there were people who went to a flour mill and collected the flour that fell on the floor and used it to make bread. There are so many such stories of people who have changed my life. I have started to be content with what I have. I have started to understand people. And the most important thing is that I have become very patient. I got to learn all this from SALT. A wonderful change has happened in my life because of Salt. Not only in me, but I can see a change in my entire team.

Due to SALT, there is a change in our way of working and also in our personal lives. The ability to understand other staff has increased while doing any task or even while working with them. It also became easier for me to maintain a relationship with each one. I am not used to talking much. I am an introvert. But because of SALT, I got to know each and every one, so my relationship with everyone in the organization has grown stronger. Along with this, I also started understanding the members of my family.

Each one has his or her own point of view, I started respecting that point of view. I started taking responsibility seriously. And I got to learn how to live a healthy life through SALT.

Meanwhile, I also realized that there is a leader in every human being, it is necessary to make him or her realize their capabilities. And until we make them realize their inner capacity, they will continue to feel the need for support from others. But due to SALT, this view can change. We have to move the community from followers to leaders because they already have a lot of potential. And SALT is like the salt, which makes the taste of food (taste of life) better.

Due to SALT, I see that people in the communities have begun to respect us.  Whenever we go to the village, they come to greet us. If there is any problem, they talk to us on their own. Many people talk to me like a family member. Due to this, it is easy to do my work. Because we listen to them with all our heart, with true dedication, we admire their struggle. They also see the respect we have for them.

The facilitator should be selfless And the work he or she does in the community first has to be applied in one’s life.  If one works for the salary, if this is the approach, then change will not happen. We have to work from our heart, which happens through SALT. First implement SALT in your own life, after that take SALT to the people.

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