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*Tuesday, May 10, 2022*
*Sangli Division*
*Salt process*

Salt activity of women waste pickes was held at Sangli today. This time the women participated enthusiastically. At the beginning, all the women came with the mentality of "just want to listen to this program, someone, sir, madam is going to come and give some information, now you have to go and listen and come because madam has told you". But, we are wrestlers trained by Madam Bhosle of GFC. Along with Ritu's guidance. !!

The first thing we did when we left was take a nice song and dance to nourish the atmosphere. But not all women participated. Once again they communicated to allay their fears towards us and all the women joined in the dance.

After that, we did an introductory program by asking everyone a welcome question. And slowly the program continued. As the program progressed, all the women became very comfortable and after mixing with us, we asked them to share a story about an event in their lives and grouped everyone.

Then, everyone shared their story in front of everyone. Some women cried while telling their stories. The story of each woman was very inspiring, she was laughing even after having her kidney removed, who was paralyzed three times and was in a coma, but she was still living a strong life. He had gone and forgotten his wife and daughter, whose husband used to beat him with alcohol, whose husband started an affair with another woman, whose daughter ran away and got married, who was taking care of his three children, who was adopted .. etc. .. Every woman had such mind numbing stories. We learned a lot from this part, but the secret of our lives was revealed to everyone for the first time today. And after expressing this, all the women felt very light. One woman responded, "Today I felt very heavy, I forgot all the tensions in my life, I enjoyed my heart's content" This is the acknowledgment of our work.

Now he told all the women what he had done for a living. He also gave all the information to the women on how to use this process in their work, what is the benefit of it, how to take advantage of it. For this, Jayashree, Shah Rukh, Kaushalya Madam, and I (Imran) acted as guides and Satappa Saran acted as the observer, while Abhijit Jadhav and Sonali Kamble acted as the coordinators.

*Imran Shaikh*
*Gender Equality Project*

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