From the Constellation 2016 Report, p. 40.

En français dans le rapport 2016, p. 40.

Organisation: HelpAge International

Country: Tanzania

First activities with SALT and CLCP: 2016


Community Life Competence Process has recently been introduced in Kibaha, Tanzania. Through CLCP, we believe in local responses and that communities can act to reach their dream when they take ownership.

In Tanzania, CLCP has been operating under the assistance of HelpAge International.  HelpAge, through working with implementing partners, has been able to design and come up with a programme of “Afya Kibaha 2025”. In this programme, different communities in the Kibaha region have been trained on how best they can plan to improve on their living conditions and live healthy lives by 2025.



CLCP helps communities change for themselves. CLCP is the best practice because it gives chances and opportunities to locals by making them believe in the inner strengths that they have in solving and making things happen for themselves by themselves.


Community members discussing how to build a Healthy Kibaha


CLCP is the best practice because it sharpens people’s minds and makes them realise who they are and what they can do for themselves without entirely depending on other people. The practice widens people’s perspective on human power and resources that they have.


Through the SALT process communities have been stimulated in identifying their own problems and finding solutions on how to solve them. With the process, we further appreciate and listen to locals, and this makes them feel good.  Facilitators are able to discover and reveal strengths which communities themselves might not realise that they have.



The CLCP Programme, through its facilitators, has been able to transfer knowledge and experience into different communities. The SALT approach has helped facilitators realise that people in communities are unique and have inner strengths that force them to take action.

Community practices derived from the Dream 

Since the induction of the programme, communities have set examples by making sure that they are living healthy. Different families have vegetable gardens around their homes.  People make regular visits to health clinics to check on their health.



The CLCP approach helps communities to learn and take actions to address the different challenges that it faces. CLCP is an effective approach that guides members in a community to develop their own dream and be part of it.


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