Uganda/India CLCP Learning Experience in Tanzania

I publish this post on behalf of Judith Bagachwa.

A community that once doubted that CLCP was ever going to work is now enjoying the benefit of the whole concept of CLC.  Community member now plan to expand their project and move together to a next level. This year, Bamba village had the privilege of being visited by guests from Uganda and India.

CLCP Community members from Bamba village interacting with visitors: from Uganda, Arthur Namara, and, from India, Dr Prakash Tyagi, who came to learn from them on how they managed to maintain a successful community garden.


In Tanzania, the CLCP programe has managed to train 60 Family Health Mentors in ten different communities in Kibaha. FHMTs have the responsibility to educate and raise awareness of community members about health issues concerning non-communicable diseases. At Mtambani village, children are able to explain what they understand about NCDs and how they share knowledge with other family members.   

Visitors surprised by the children’s understanding about NCDs and what they do to prevent themselves from such diseases.



Kilangalanga village is an extension village that was given a one-day training about the importance of active aging four months ago. Only 15 members in the community were trained. Today, more than seventy-five members joined the group. Members include older persons, youths and children. This was a unique positive experience for this community because not only have they managed to mobilize themselves, but they are also planning to have their group registered, and they have clear guidelines on rules that will govern them.

Activities in active aging group include doing physical exercises, handcrafts, discussing about NCDs amongst themselves


Intergenerational active aging group at Kilangalanga


Children doing physical exercise 

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