Added SALT(y) taste in Personality Development Taining (HYIC, Kaski, Nepal)

Dear all,

I am sharing my experience of few months back when I was invited to Hemja Youth Information Center (HYIC), Kaski for Personality Developement program as a trainer. In the program I applied SALT approach in 25 youth members of HYIC which was very effective.

People view 'personality development' as enhancing physical appearance and attributes which we see with our naked eyes. Usually they focus on these features only. For instance, from personal hygiene to clothing and make up. We know for overall personality development, we need these items but we usually overshadow internal part which is innate and more powerful. People forget to enhance internal personality and their competencies.

During training session, we started introductory session by a snow ball technique, introducing oneself and rearranging the seats by random method. Ice breaking was done by showing power point slides demonstrating various personalities within the country and around the globe. For instance, members were actively involved to name the personalities they know. It was a fun part which I always add..!

In the session, participants were encouraged to enhance and promote their internal personalities and move head in life. For instance, 'Physical attributes are just the aid to highlight the internal competencies and to show who we really are....we must focus on our own competencies because physical part will fade away eventually in our life so we must know our competencies and strengthen it....!' Also 'these are our treasure to keep and won't waste as time passes.....with this, we are strong and powerful.....!

During the session, I introduced a new game which I named 'Know your competency'. Here participants wrote the things which they believe they are able to do and enjoy. Through this, we were able to know their competencies and with that they were encouraged and motivated to continue their competencies which will help in development of their own personality.

In this way, focusing on their own competencies, strengthening it and resulting in better and unique personality was my overall theme for the training. I would like to thank Mr. Nabaraj Adhikari (former president of HYIC for this opportunity where I could apply my knowledge)

Hopefully the amalgamation of both CLC and PDT would create a wonders to the youth in building themselves and a whole community.


Dipendra Malla



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Comment by Dipendra on August 4, 2014 at 11:50pm

Thank you Autry Haynes for your salty comments...yup empowering ourselves first is a prime thing to do.

Comment by Marie Lamboray on April 30, 2014 at 2:54pm

Stories about "Begining with the self"... 

“As a Thai facilitator mentioned last week at a Thai Competence event: I realise that the object of SALT is myself, not the community. I have to apply it to myself and then the results will automatically flow to the community. An appreciative body language and being able to calmly and mindfully respond to different situations is not always easy. But this is what distinguishes a good facilitator I think. He/ she does not prevent or avoid difficult or different situations, he/ she can deal with them in a proper and SALTy way.” Gaston and Wiwin,


 (English version) “I decided to also implement the approach in my community, specifically with the group of my mother.
It was a great challenge for me because I still had negative feelings towards my community, and as a facilitator / focal point of this SALT visit, I had to overcome this negative state. I thought, "they will not want to talk about HIV, they are too closed-minded."
But thanks to the other facilitators, I was able to channel my emotions and find positive energies in the group. It was a revelation, it changed my vision and my perception of my community and the strength I could draw from that group was inclusion.
The lesson of this SALT visit is that self-acceptance allows the acceptance of others, our perception changes to find the positive things around us.
If my perception remained on the negative feeling, I never could identify the strengths of my community, indeed taboos, denial, cultural aspects are barriers, but they are not insurmountable.” Aicha,


When we can appreciate who we are, we are at peace and we can let go of the 'control' we want over other people's life. We always want to help because it makes us feel good and important. But we have to be careful not to take away the ownership of people over their own life issues. Laurence,

Comment by Jan Somers on April 23, 2014 at 5:40pm

Great to read ! It reminds me of the Young Leaders Academy which Susanne Mueller (also Constellation member) is building in New York.

Working for and with youth is working for the future world we wish to live in and see others live in.

Keep up the good work!

Comment by Autry Haynes on April 21, 2014 at 7:08pm

Thanks Dipendra for sharing this. Rituu can I share in the SALT tin? (^_^). Dipendra I like the thought of beginning with the self! I admonish the thought of who we are outwardly is a reflection of who we are inside our figurative heart: the emotions, desires, and feelings of the inner person,  it stands for the total inner person. Therefore building personal competencies is very important since according to Aristotle: "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education." The accumulative effect of our individual personal competencies is what constitute the strength of the CLC Process and makes us SALT(y). Thanks again.

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on April 17, 2014 at 7:08pm

Hi Dipendra,

I want to share another story about transfer of SALT from Ukraine to Kazan (Russia), you can read it . Its from Marlou

I also take Marlou's photo here- how symbolic the SALT tin was! I pass this SALT tin to you:-)


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