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why do i love you? Let me count the ways

I have written of how smitten I am about the ACP tools, Like all lovestruck person, i do not have the words to tell you why...but i could make attempts:
1. the tools doesnt have zero in it, which means that anyone,ANYONE has something that he/she can share. has goals, a lot of people (including me) sometimes get caught up with the immediate needs and concerns that we lose focus on what it is that we really want. Goal no.5 in the tool, gives a somewhat good…

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My birthday is on the 29th of February, this year its non existent. its a convenient excuse for being THE strange one too...
I turned 31 this year.
When i was 25, i knew for sure that ill die when i turn 30, I have to!...think about wrinkles that come in your 30s and you cant party that much too, you have to do adult things and turn into a driftwood, a raisin too.Is that a life..eeeewwww.

Im 31 and im still living
And its never been…

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27 - 31

Ive shaved my hair in january so this is not new, ive just kept the hair short, blow drying and worrying about the next "do" is taking up so much of my life, ive decided i can do better with my time.... and so with the hair went the make-up (some) and the high heels, (now this is a different story), but i figured out balancing on 3 inch heels could be fun if i didnt have anything elese to do. but between balancing my sanity and balancing on heels. i chose the former.

so now, 4 inches more… Continue

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well almost the same

Sorry for cross posting but this is also a pressing issue, well almost the same as HIV. at the bottom of the well we see OUR very own behavior. There are a lot of issues on HIV and most of them boil down to behavior some need for behavior modification, easier said than done. I know, im on the process myself. now.... climate change ....irresponsible throwing of trash, irresponsible use of stry packages. blah, blah blah...... Lets see the parallel and maybe well learn to manage HIV the same way… Continue

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new no-hair

its been two weeks of slump in the philippines, the longest holiday in history (11 days).

Cleaned my junk, and with all the accumulated dust and mess in my house went all the accumulated negative energies and my hair.

I was just in THAT zone this past two weeks, I have this queer (ofcourse) feeling that I need to revisit things and really look into what is important for me and for all the I am ready to mean and for all that I am ready to stand for. so shaved goes the head, ive been… Continue

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The Constellation: who are we

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