why do i love you? Let me count the ways

I have written of how smitten I am about the ACP tools, Like all lovestruck person, i do not have the words to tell you why...but i could make attempts:
1. the tools doesnt have zero in it, which means that anyone,ANYONE has something that he/she can share.
2.it has goals, a lot of people (including me) sometimes get caught up with the immediate needs and concerns that we lose focus on what it is that we really want. Goal no.5 in the tool, gives a somewhat good scaffolding from which to build on.
3. it recognizes that you can backslide from a higher score to a lower score but there is nowhere else to go from there but up.
4. The tool is not a law,(for the rebellious in all of us) it can be costumized.
5. It recognizes that you can work on any or all of the practices related to HIV programming, if you decide to work on 1 area, that's fine....
6. It confronts you kindly, and like love it brings out the best of you....
Im loving this life. all i can see is LOVe, im blinded!!!!
now, more and more things to be grateful everyday!!! Love it

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Comment by Laurence Gilliot on March 22, 2010 at 2:39pm
Hi Caca and friends,

Thanks for sharing about the self-assessment! For those of you who want to know more about the self-assessment please visit this page of our website: http://www.communitylifecompetence.org/en/pages/37-self-assessment-...




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