Vision du niveau 5:

Tout le monde répond au VIH et d'autres défis auxquels la communauté est confrontée.

Tout le monde a quelque chose à offrir.
Tout le monde peut participer de manière égale.
Tout le monde se soucient équitablement pour tous les membres de la communauté.

L'inclusion commence par l'acceptation de soi.
Chacun a la responsabilité de se sentir inclu.

Certains d'entre nous sont infectés.
Tout le monde est affecté.
Nous avons tous quelque chose à contribuer.

Quand nous incluons, nous apprécions nos forces et celles des autres et nous stimulons l'action.
Quand nous sommes inclus, nous nous sentons apprécier et nous agissons.

Liste des Principes communs:

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Si nous apprécions et acceptons qui nous sommesalors d'autres peuvent nous accepter et nous apprécier et nous pouvons accepter et apprécier les autres HIV is just the excuse we find to justify why we do not love ourselves and why others might not love us. But HIV can also be a way to find the strengths you have to do things for others (and for yourself). [MariJo's response to Ye Win]
Ye Win
Asylum seekers: What do you have to offer to Belgium? "First must we change the image we have of society, then we can change the image that society has of us."
Louis Marie
Entre deux cultures. Ma vision de moi-même était tellement mauvaise et je me sentais tellement coupable que je mettais la faute sur la communauté. J’en voulais à ma mère, j’en voulais à mes copines, j’en voulais à toutes les femmes et aussi à tous les hommes de ma communauté parce que je pensais qu’ils étaient la cause de ma souffrance. Je leur donnais le pouvoir de gérer ma vie. En suivant mon chemin personnel j’ai compris que c’est ma responsabilité, que je devais garder le pouvoir pour moi.
Benyaich Aicha
A young woman considered suicide when she was diagnosed HIV positive. But when Uncle Houlai told the villagers "There is no difference between positive and negative people; When you know you act" she changed her mind.
Rituu Nanda
When there is even a small effort dedicated to people with disabilities their abilities to cope with HIV and AIDS become evident.
Joao Arnaldo Vembane
Disclosure- a turning point in my life. Telling my best friend.
Une fois que nous nous apprécions nous-mêmes et chacun croit dans ses propres forces alors nous commencons à passer à l'action Becoming Themba
Themba has found an oasis in the midst of a wilderness – a place of sanctuary – a place of acceptance and belonging
Ricardo Walters
Si nous faisons un acte simple d'acceptation alors nous inspirons d'autres à réaliser leurs propres actions Lakshmamma was overjoyed to be invited to a cradle ceremony at a neighbours house.
Divya Sarma
The world is not only me. A woman divorces her husband and the daughter experiences discrimination when she learns she is HIV positive. But after learning about the work of the Red Cross volunteers she spoke up and joined the volunteers and she is now healthier and reunited with her husband.
Kith Marady
One day, in a village, a young farmer living with HIV was sent out of the home and his share of the property was denied to him by his brothers. A local religious leader, Mahanta Swamiji felt very disturbed by the stigma and discrimination and decided to intervene . He contacted the family and started discussions with them about acceptance and duty towards one’s family. The family which had been most reluctant to take the PLHIV in, were very touched by the Swamiji’s concern and words. The young man was taken back home again and he got his property back. Inspired by the Swamiji, each member of the AIDS Action Committee has started taking up small actions of inclusion and support individually and as a group.
Divya Sarma
Inclusion: montrons l'exemple! Nous refusons de nous assoir à la haute table, et nous mélangeons aux personnes qui nous accueillent.
Jean Louis Lamboray
Songs are powerful tools to inspire change in people.
<"">Bheri M R
The sharing of a personal story inspired change in the son, who is now very supportive to his mother.
<"">Murari Rao
Si nous montrons clairement que nous allons inclure et se soucier de ceux qui sont infectés, alors plus de gens vont volontairement se faire dépister.
In Jalukie village it is a sentiment of “There is no question of throwing them out, we want to know how to care for them and not get infected ourselves.”
Joe Ngamkhuchung
PLHIV can continue working in a company without fear of being fired
Andryansyah Arifin
Si nous dans la communauté comprennons ce que nous pouvons faire pour aider les PVV alors nous voulons nous impliquer.
A woman shared how she went for testing and found she was HIV positive. She included her family and neighbours. Those who found they were positive got help from a sister who advised them to come up with an association. - Kenya
Carol Njeri
Inclusion of neighbouring community in the SALT team After a Uganda SALT team introduced the ACP to CSW and fuel vendors of the neighboring community, the CSW realized their potential and their strengths. This led them to use the Welfare Centre for their meetings and discussions about proper condom use, replenishing condoms, discordancy, and further inviting the SALT team to share experiences
Ouma Mugeni - Uganda
Watch video
Village communities in Karnataka, India, supporting those among them with HIV. By sharing experiences the community learns from each other. Now, with a greater understanding of what they could do to help people with HIV, they are eager to help, by referring to services, and by supporting them in other ways
Arun Bhandari
This is an experience from SALT Visit to RH Competence at Manonjaya Sub-district in Tasikmalaya - West Java Indonesia (November 2009) on inclusion. Groups of fathers that is really dominate SALT visit is becoming very supporting group when they were equiped with sufficient knowledge on ARH issues and better understanding on SALT as ways of thinking and working. Initially they came to community to preach, to teach since some of them were teacher, head of villages and know become religious preacher. I learned that the way they approach community not for teaching and preaching but asking a questions and dream of neighbours, nieces, grandsons/daughters, siblings, youths and of course community gathering they cultivated on ARH issues and appreciate their current understanding. They link the community by information sources/service providers to provide complete information community need. I learn inclusion from they way they try to open discussion ARH issues and what can we contribute as community members to make this come true. This were not there at the sub-district, even there were not exist even at the father's group's mind. That ARH issues were not simply not their bussines. Now its issues is simple there at the father's group's mind, speeches, approaches. I am really glad to know and learn that SALT approches is trigerring model group to be include.
Wiwin Winarni
PLWHIV staff and volunteers at all levels from the regional network to the province, district and sub-district groups were well trained on HIV, situation analysis, action planning, etc. prior to the community forums at the village level and the sub-district level.
Mr. Suriya Wingworn
Si nous incluons les personnes qui se sentent exclues alors elles deviennent des acteurs du changement Kitchen Garden is one of the best activities for PLHA. It provides them with additional nutrition, a community activity and in some cases a small income.
Abraham Mutluri
Demandeurs d’asile : ce qu’eux ont à offrir à la Belgique
Louis Marie
PVV participent aux visites à domicile L'UCOP+ n'était pas impliquée dans les vistes à domicile à Goma. Après discussions et réunions d'échange des PVV ont commencé à effectuer les visites à domicile et l'impacte dans l'adhérence au traitement était observé
Jimmy - RD-Congo
Tous les acteurs travaillent ensemble L'équipe SALT à Bukavu a inclu différents groups ex le gouvernement, PVV, PNMLS, etc. et pour la première fois tout le monde travaille ensemble
(par John Nyagaza- RD-Congo)
Inclusion leads to increased income The members of Izere association brought in the community at large, the local authorities, military etc. They came up with many projects like dress-making, hair dressing, carpentry, selling water etc. where they are now getting enough income.
Carol Njeri


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