The world is not only me and Try to live for my daughter.

Title: The world is not only me

One lady was affected with HIV/ AIDS since 1999 from her husband. She is living in Svay Rieng province in Cambodia, close to the Vietnam border. She did not know about her status until 2002 and than she divorced her husband. Our Volunteers tried to persuade her to access health services and provide assistance several times but she was rejecting because of stigma and discrimination within her community even her children were not allowed to play with neighbours children as example. Until July 2005 we tried to meet her again and again till she understood about the Red Cross work and she was volunteer to join with positive network and Red Cross Volunteer; and she got ARV treatment since April 2005, two months later after she sent her daughter for a blood test, fortunately her child was not positive. As Red Cross Volunteer she has been trained lots on how to work closely with community and active speaker in community education and in public awareness. She said not only her positive there are many positive people in the world Cambodia and the world, after she met several PLHIV in the meetings. She increased her skills to do education in term of care and prevention. She became a proud person to talk in her village and among public places. She is happy to speak out in the community with support from local authorities. These factors made her happy and her physical appearance truly changed. She started to join the provincial positive network, in meetings and in national conferences. Now she has her own motorbike, better living condition and can work within the own community. Currently she accepts her husband back and living with happiness together and she is proud in her life. The last 2 years, she said: in the world, it’s not only me; there are millions of positive people.

Title: Try to live for my daughter.

One widower affected with HIV/ AIDS since 2000 from her husband who passed away. She is living in Kampong Trach district, Kampot province in Cambodia. Since her husband died she lived in very poor condition with a daughter and mother. Her daughter abandoned school after the father passed away because of poor condition and work in the field for money to service her family meanwhile her mother failed to be serious sick and grand mother can not After Cambodian Red Cross started orphans vulnerable children project in 2006, we provide financial support to the lady to re-run handicraft mat shop in her house and other living support. Volunteers did several community education and advocacy with local authorities in the purpose to reduce stigma and discrimination. At currently, she built appropriate home, she has a big pig and on going to add more pig, she save some money in hand, allowed her daughter return to school with supporting from the project.

She said that her life is hopeful and expected that at least her daughter will complete secondary school, but she wish her daughter to learn higher as possible. Her life is no more scare of discrimination, health problem, her production solved with increasing client from day to day, her brother in law, relatives, neighbours and community come to visit and eating with her family. In addition she lives for her daughter.

Well currently she is encouraging other positive to stand up for living with sense and do not depend on fortune; She accepted 2 positive people to train on handicraft mat and help to sell easily. Her daughter is happy to school and getting good score and admiring from the teachers; she does not to work as the last 2 years.

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Comment by Kith Marady on February 13, 2009 at 8:22am
Soursdei Gaston!!!

Greating to see you. Thanks for your introduce me to be ning network member.

Comment by Gaston on February 13, 2009 at 8:11am
Thanks Kith for posting. Very useful contribution and great to see you finally here in Ning! Cambodia is represented. Regards
Comment by Kith Marady on February 13, 2009 at 7:56am
The two stories writen are true and I appreciate to share with every one.


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