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How would the Constellation become part of a broader movement powered by local responses?

The idea is to join forces with all those who share the same belief that communities have the capacity to pursue their own vision and address their own
concerns, and who share a similar way of working, based on appreciation of
strength, rather than analysis of weakness, or need. Joining forces is
important, to make large scale  progress and to join voices for greater belief
in community capacity and for related changes in the
behavior of global institutions.

I propose to hold this discussion in five steps, each of approximately one week.

First, we review a text called "Resonance" to replace the current "Our Roots" page of our website.  

Second, we contribute additional names of organisations, discuss criteria for inclusion and suggest how to approach them

Third, we suggest additional references and discuss criteria for inclusion

Fourth, we further reflect on the spiritual dimension of SALT

Then, we wrap up the discussion, edit the new page, post it and discuss next steps.

Many thanks to Marie and Apriil, who will animate the discussion.


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Hello everyone!

You'll find attached the "Resonance" text. Please comment on it. A French version will follow.

Dear Jean-Louis, Marie and April,

I highly applaud this initiative. It is very close to my heart and 'resonates' with my thinking.

Apart from inviting organisations, involving individuals/independent consultants who use asset-based approach in their work can bring in a wealth of experience. Moving from AIDS competence to Community life competence has opened doors to potential partnerships/collaborations/sharing.


We are looking forward to your thoughts on this important discussion over the coming weeks.
Just some thoughts of the words we are trying to use in the page on the web site, to which April refers. Marie is helping address the connection in the ‘Resonance ‘ comment .

Care is needed with language resonant with spirituality .The different traditions use words very differently and have diverse meanings for similar words -so the key is to respect and value the diversity of spirituality and faith traditions and forms of celebration without merging with 'religion' or with placing too much emphasis (perhaps unconsciously) on one tradition or another.

Roots of the Constellation are uniquely the Constellation -they are not the same as linked traditions, or schools of thought, or background theory, which can be resonant with Constellation experience but not necessarily a root -a root is something arising out of personal conviction, experience , analysis of members and associated actual experiences. A root is something we all grow from, and we have these roots in common

An example of a Constellation root is learning from local action and experience -and another root is care to change in home and neighbourhood -which is unique in terms of it being a co-factor for a movement for HIV response that goes to scale. This is a shared Constellation root. Another is the acknowledgement of diverse backgrounds-spiritual and secular, with non-imposition of any particular spiritual perspective

There may be many background sources or schools or theories which have resonance (but are not necessarily held in common by the Constellation ie they are not roots). Perhaps these sources can therefore be named as references that have ‘resonance’-and some may be ‘convergent’?



Until I read your comment I had not understood the beauty of the word 'resonance' in this context. In physics, when one system responds to another system in the absence of physical connection, we say that they resonate. So one tuning fork resonates with another tuning fork without being in physical contact. So their is no shared root. There need be no apparent physical similarity. We just need the same resonant frequency.

So I think that we are looking for ideas that resonate in the absence of a shared root. And then the opportunity surfaces to explore the inherent similarity that leads to resonance.

Helped me to see things a little more clearly, anyway.

Hi all,

I'm happy to read about your initiative to look for other organizations/movements to propel the movement of local responses. I think it will really accelerate the 'local response movement'. Movements are characterized by a shared insight or vision of a group of people that will combine their strengths for a positive change. I'd be happy to help out on ways to accelerate your movement. An interesting TED-talk of movements and tribes by Seth Godin:

Warm regards

Voici la page "Convergences", version en Français du texte "Resonances". N'hésitez pas à le commenter!

Dear Friends,

Ian and I met in London on March 2 to explore further the question.
Here is my communication to Ian after our meeting.
You are most welcome to pitch in!



Dear Ian,

Many thanks for our conversation last Tuesday. Fundamentally, our conversation was about us stimulating a movement fueled by local responses. Until now I resisted the idea that we would announce our implicit intent to serve a movement. However, time might be ripe to become explicit about it. For a movement to blossom vision, energy and facilitation capacity are required. The vision is becoming clearer. The energy for change is plenty. Since Tuesday, I start seeing how the CST might stimulate, not hamstring the movement. I propose to explore in the next few months vision, energy for change and the role of CST. I share here initial thoughts about these three ingredients. Let us discuss how we might stimulate discussion within and outside the Constellation.

Why do people like our vision statement: “A world where AIDS Competence spreads faster than the virus”? Might it be that people “resonate” with the assumptions behind the idea: do they feel in harmony with the underlying belief in human capacity for response? If this is the case, how would we rephrase our vision in more generic terms, in a way that stimulates and harnesses community life competence? People are hungry for a vision. After the financial and ecological crises, the American dream is turning into a nightmare, and no other vision is capturing people’s imagination. People aspire to reformulate their dream for a better future for themselves and future generations.
Where is the energy for change going to come from? From Goroka to Brussels and from DRC to Guyana, people are stating: SALT is changing my life. Appreciation liberates energy for change in both the person who appreciates and the person who is being appreciated. All of us have had their spirits lifted after an immersion into a genuine SALT visit. Energies overflow from local responses to coalesce and grow. Transformed by the experience, people channel that energy to influence institutional policy and practice in service of their vision.

How then would the Constellation stimulate and nurture such a movement? We are not alone. Many groups all over the world share our experience and our values. Hence, our job is not done just by initiating new partnerships and carrying out partnership agreements. We must be able to accompany others so that we influence them and are influenced by others. And, maybe most importantly, we must be able to appreciate what others do, even when we are not involved. This reminds me of the AIC model: We have the choice of three modes of interaction with the world around us: Appreciate, Influence, Control. We must excel at each!
Shall we continue this conversation in Ning, s that others benefit and contribute?


Dear Jean-Louis


For many this will be the most meaningful of conversations including the founding members and others.


Perhaps the A is complemented by learning from the inside out ie from local experience; the I by facilitation/stimulation/support as the preferred mode for influence; and movement oriented transfer, carefully spontaneous inclusion and vision driven leadership as the foundations for Control . SALT is still the DNA.

I see resonance between AIC and CLCP and HCR.

The common ground could be HCR as the core element of vision. So the vision can be -for example- 'we want to see a global movement of community life competence that spreads, connects, and inspires hope, informing and changing institutional policy and practice'

Practice will make the difference if we are intending to explicitly nurture and live a movement. Two elements are now ready in my view for deepening -one is the 'local community conversation', and the other is 'facilitation team'. SALT practice is a connector for both, but not the same thing, though the practice elements are common ie facilitation ie bringing about success in and often with the other.

So the core significance of the CST imbibing this understanding is absolutely true -you are right.

The inner security needed by CST team members and coaches to engage in a 3 in one attitudinal approach is a root of success long term -(another version of the 3 ones!)-ie catalysing partnership and demonstration (C) , accompanying face to face and by distance connection (A), and supporting quietly(S)-or loudly-with appreciation and encouragement (ie stimulating courage ) at a distance, without ownership-CAS

All 3 modes or dispositions assume belonging by invitation without the necessity of ownership ie a movement principle emerges, complemented by behaviors / characteristics (AIC); practices (SALT, CC, FT, Transfer); and attitudes (CAS).

Looking forward

Dear Ian,

I am loving this discussion!

Please can you elaborate on:
*The inner security needed by CST team members and coaches to engage in a 3 in one attitudinal approach is a root of success long term -
*What is CAS?

I liked what you said at a distance, without ownership

Warm regards,

Dear Friends,

Ian and I would very much welcome your contributions!

All voices welcome!

Hello friends,
First of all, I would like to say that I like the idea of bringing in people and ideas that ‘resonate’ with our own. It is a wonderful way of sharing with friends living next-door while keeping our own apartment for independency, being one and together.

I also think that the idea of serving a ‘movement’ is very stimulating to me. Adhering to a cause is something that gets you stuck to one moment in time, one picture of reality, one analysis of the past. On the other hand, a movement is something we can flow with, something we can contribute to, something which is continuously adapting to what is being added. It is something we can embrace and where we can feel embraced.

The idea of the Constellation being part of a movement seems like natural to a constellation, specially if we think that life is only possible when there is movement of some kind.

One of those friends with whom we can share ‘resonances’ is Stepping Stones (, an initiative which is also giving support, appreciating, learning, linking and transfering to and from communities around HIV issues.



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