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Discussions have been going on in villages using SALT for the past couple of years. In this there are discussions with Gram Panchayat, Anganwadi workers, children, women, elderly people. After taking SALT in some families it was found that the family never discussed together.
Initially, the children were mobilized by visiting schools in Vashi village. In this the children were visited every Saturday. Initially SALT was done with them and later planned to have SALT in their families. Before that I asked the children what time you are together and they said family is together after 7 pm. After communicating with the children, it was found that there is no communication between the children and the parents, the relationship between the father and the children is not so strong and trustful, the children talk freely with the mother but are afraid of the father. I decided that we need to have SALT in the family.
Time was taken from the family by calling during the day and SALT was taken after 7 pm to visit. In some places the father was not present in SALT. I wanted father in SALT so discussed with him the reason behind the visit and asked him to attend. After that, mothers, fathers, children, old people started meeting in the family. Things started to get better in the SALT family. I started taking more SALT with the family.

Went to a family in the evening to take SALT. It was a small house. A family consists of mother, father, son, daughter. Discussion started with everyone. It was learned that children used to fear their fathers. It was the father who started it. He said that when I was a child, I was not pampered at home. I used to fear my parents a lot. Father became addicted and used to beat mother every evening. I used to feel very sad to see this. So I was very afraid of my father. After I got married and had kids a few years later, I thought I'd try to be a little tougher on my kids so they wouldn't get into that habit. So that they get good habits. I feel very bad when children are afraid of me. But I could never talk to them openly. Because they never let me understand their feelings. I love them so much. The children were very surprised after hearing this. The children were listening to their father attentively. He felt that father was being a little harsh with us for our good and to remove the difficulties in our future life by learning from the incident in his life. But they also want their children to love them like their mother.
After SALT, the boys hugged their father with love and decided to chat every evening and share their thoughts with each other.

Because of such things, the benefits of taking SALT in the family started to be understood. Because before this there was no discussion with each other in the family. The father did not know about the dream of the children, the children did not know about the dream of the parents. He was not aware of the good works he had done in his life. SALT started discussions in the family. Parents started communicating with children. Children began to understand the dream of every parent towards their children. Parents encouraged their children by telling them stories from their childhood.
Having SALT in the family gave the children a means to have open discussions with their parents.
After taking SALT with the family in Vashi village, everyone's dream towards the young children became realised. I started telling them that many people in your village have the same dreams.
As SALT increased communication with the family, trust between them began to grow.

To change the society, it has to start from the family. Because family is an important element of society. The change in the family is passed on from generation to generation. And society is made from this family.

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Comment by Sadia Jafrin on March 19, 2024 at 12:06pm

So wholesome! Thanks for sharing. 

Comment by Santi rambari on March 15, 2024 at 7:06pm

I also agree with you.  People get education from family.  Family plays a very important role for social change.  Thanks for your wonderful article.

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