It is easy to create new things, change places or do something different. To keep that sense of newness that creates enthusiasm is more difficult. The secret of newness in life is not to do new things constantly, but to see everything you do with new eyes, new insights and a new perspective. Do not waste your time behi...nd people who do not have the capacity to sustain your newnesss of life.

Dialogue is about what we value and how we define it. It is about discovering what our true values are, about Looking beyond the superficial and automatic answers to our questions. Dialogue is about expanding our capacity for attention, awareness of understanding the key concept of life changing opportunities.

There is one of our client who got infected with HIV/AIDS as a result of his wife not being faithful and anytime he is been given an opportunity to speak in the support group he will say "Thank God that my wife is dead, because she put me in this condition"

How can you Help this man to be new in is thinking?

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Comment by Laurence Gilliot on March 22, 2010 at 4:56pm
Dear Ukeme,

Thanks for sharing this challenge with us.
I'd like to share with you something that John-Pierre wrote last week about forgiveness as a response to Nicole's blog.

"It take me 30 years to accept, forgive, forget and yet until now I have not yet emptied myself. To accept is like typing your experience in a word document, to forgive is to set aside the word document in a folder, to forget is to delete the folder and to empty the self is to empty the recycle bin. hehehehe what an analogy!!!!. Many people tried to accept, forgive and forget but never totally healed because they keep on clicking the recycle bin and restoring the "wound" thats why the pain is always there every time we see the same abuse that happen to others.

I returned back to my Mother and Father and asked for forgiveness. I have done nothing wrong against them but I was guided to seek forgiveness (maybe from the word "fore" and "give" which we can interpret as "giving before someone gives" hmmmm confusing? no!). it was 15 years after running away that I confronted my Mother face to face. I also forgive her. She wept and for the first time shared her experience of surviving something that is so humiliating that i cannot share here. She became a hero in my sight her rising above that human transgression. I wept and hugged her. It was an experience of healing."



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