The team arrived at the venue on the 3rd of January 2010. The team had an advocacy visit to the Divisional Commander and the Divisional Youth Officer to inform him of our visit and also our mission in their division.

There was a need for a supervision visit to Akure Division to check and assess the level of the local responses in the division. The team met with the local facilitation team mate of the Division who brief the team of the successes and the challenges that the team has been facing, they later took us to the Salvation Army primary school were they are conducting a Kids club program every week with the children and the turn was really encouraging.

We had a partnership visit to the Ondo State action Committee on Aids to seek for fund for the division. The team met with the chairman of the ODSACA Dr Adegbulu A.A who later told us the procedure of requesting for fund in the state. We also met with other NGOs to make finding of how they function in the state.

The team visited Supare and Etioro community simultaneously, later that day we met with the Commanding Officer of Etioro Corps to discuss our objective and mission to the Etioro as a whole. The team informed the commanding officer about the frontier process carried out year back in the community. The teams met with some other members of the youth available and asked them about the activities carried out since the last visit and their reply was quite understandable that now they are occupied with one or two things in other to make ends meet and that each person hardly have time to consider that, but what was learnt has been helpful. The team asked for a reschedule of the meeting till the next day, the local team mate agreed and promised to attend, but the rain disrupted the plan for the day and it was agreed among the team that the next visit should be rescheduled on a Sunday because it was the only opportune day for the members of the youth to be seen.

The team agreed and departed to their place of stay to reflect on the day activity and later went to Supare for the next line of action where the principal and the vice principal of Okeede high were met to inform them of the program conducted about HIV/AIDS in the school before his assumption as the new principal of Okeede high school. He welcomed the team that visited and most of the youths involved in the program also testified to the effectiveness of the program and that it has helped in keeping themselves faithful since then, the youth confessed their unhappiness that they have not been visited since then and also told the team that some of the youth involve had moved to another community or graduated from the school.

The local facilitating team members were asked the challenges that made them not to achieve their next step of meeting on HIV/AIDS issues.

LFT Responses;

· Lack of communication among youth

· Migration of teammates to other communities

During our interaction section with the youth and policy makers in the community (school) we discovered that sensitization on behavioral change and HIV/AIDS issues is on progress, irrespective of the absence of the LFT in the social activities of the community (school).

The team later visited Agbogbo High School to carry out a follow-up visit and also to measure the impact of the program in the school and later go into the community to sensitize the community members, also asked them issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and we discovered that some community member have idea about HIV/AIDS but some are still ignorance about it.

During reflection in re-activating the team; Gbenga a team mate promised to move the team and promised that from hence forth the initiative will be carried out. He further said he thought the team mate were just Salvationist , but now he know it needs inclusion of other churches and other organization.

The team discussed about the visit of the evaluators and the school authority said that the school will be writing their examination on the 18-28 of March 2010. The team splinted to carry out the sensitization, to reintroduce the concept to the student and the student were asked to join us later that day for more briefing and 2 youth volunteered to come around and share with us.

The team later went on to share their vision with the local team mate and also urge them to also come up with a vision for the team and their community.

Some of the visions were;

v Inclusion

v Expansion

v Accountability

They were also asked how they could be able to achieve this vision and they said;

v Meeting regularly

v Going on community visit

Activities that took place

v Kids club

v Partnership visit

v Community visit

v Meeting with LFT Etioro/Supare

v Meeting with the Divisional leaders

v Meeting with the policy makers

v Team building

Summary of the visit

The local response was really impressive and the local team mate was able to identify their areas of weakness and requested for more stimulation from the TFT. The partnership visit enabled the team to know the importance of our work being recognized in the State Action Committee on Aids, and also to register with the ODSACA so that a file can be open for us in the office of the chairman for documentation.

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Comment by Abiola Faro on March 19, 2010 at 11:28pm
This is AWESOME Ukeme! Sorry it took me so long to rspond! please mail me and give me updates. I am so thrilled by all that's happening!
Comment by ukeme okon on March 19, 2010 at 5:02pm
This is the report of our last trip to carry out a supervisoin visit local community


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