I would like to thank God for given me the opportunity and the regional team, for being a team member of the frontier process. It all started when I was playing soccer with some guys in front of my house. Then I saw a group of young guys strolling across the street, but I saw some members of my community, I normally see but I don’t really speak with them much than exchanging pleasantries.

I decided to move and really know why these guys are here. A day came, before I could make the move, they had taken a step before me, and they were at my door step. They discussed with me, my brothers and friends. When I decided to play my part by paying a visit to the team to really have a details on the teams mission.

I met a friend I played ball with in Lagos at the Salvation Army compound .his name was Adeola he was surprised seeing me too, he was the one that told me about the frontier and he told the rest of the team concerning me and I was accepted.

I became the first teammate from Akai, then I was accepted whole heartedly and I was glad too.

At first it was not easy joining the team later it was easy for me to cope with. I was happy making friends with the rest of the youths from different countries cultures and background South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, coming to stimulate us in realizing our strength as a community

When the team was out to work I joined them in the activities such as praying the bible, spiritual warfare, pray walking community conversation and asking strategic questions.

The frontier experience has really motivated me I had learnt a lot through the process, and see myself improving spiritually and intellectually and it has busted my shyness and I can initiate talks with people.

The frontier has made me to become a Salvationist and this was a great opportunity for to learn from other youths. I wish then I could live my home as this young guys to learn what the outside world has to offer, and I would want to learn as this youths as done.

Now I am doing the kids club with adeola in Igbobi Corps Lagos we are doing all we can but still need more exposure in the area of PSS and OVC.

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Comment by MariJo on March 19, 2010 at 3:27pm
Dear Ukeme,

Your story about the frontier makes me think of how much we can learn when we come near frontiers, not only country frontiers but also those of thought, beliefs, faiths. It is in the frontiers where we can explore our own the boundaries.

Good luck!
Comment by Meble Birengo on March 18, 2010 at 8:22pm
Hey there, great to hear from you - welcome on board!


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