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Hi ! Everyone.. Here is a story of Strong widow woman who rose up as an independent woman.

A 32 years old widow woman who lived with her five (5) years old child at the teagarden of Kalchini Out Division, Kalchini Block, Alipurduar District, West Bengal.

On dated 22nd of January’2022, we, the facilitators of Rural Aid team, Sanjay Lohara, Rati Lama and Dheeraj Lepcha has done SALT visit with a 32 years old widow woman at her resident.

When we have SALT conversation with her, she was in an uncomfortable state to share but we understand her situation and made her warmth atmosphere through sharing our proud story to her. Gradually, she starts to introduce herself and share the story of her life’s struggle as being a widow woman in society/community.

Struggle as being a widow: It was in the year 2018; when her husband has expired due to constant dysentery and vomiting after a two years of their marriage and she was in state of pregnant. After the expired of her husband, she has to delivery of her child in caesarean case. Wiithin few days of delivery she has to faces the challenges where she has to work hard and walk daily 4 kilometres through bicycle to purchase the grocery item of her shop. In such situation, she didn’t share the pain of caesarean to her late husband family’s members because her mother-in- law did not took care of her in such situation. And even the community people around her thoughts of negative about her and no friends circle among her community were there to listen her pain and feelings which she could not able to share to us with heavy heart.

As year passed by, she started to run the grocery shop and tame the goats and pigs for an earning as daily life for her daughter and family behind. She also even looks after her husband family members and her husband’s brother who is in the state of physically disability. Sometime, she used to be panic when her only daughter (child) gets sick. She has determined to educate her daughter in a good English medium school for studies in society.

The strengths that we found from her story were:

  • Self Independent and self sustains (she start earning the money which was once used for the treatment of her husband).
  • Mentally strong with positive thoughts.
  • Loving and caring for her family without discrimination.
  • Self esteem and patience.
  • Never lose hope in life.
  • Determination in behaviour.

Reflections of her:  she has a worry about the other children in her community where their parents were not able to educate their children due to unstable of financial. She wants and has a dream that all the children should studies in her community.

The most surprising from the SALTs visit is that, “she want to encourage other widow woman in her community or apart from her own community who are facing the same situation to stand strong mentally and raised up from that state and support their love ones (family). And also she said that she will continuously keep encourage others from her side”. Perhaps, she even said to us that “till now no one even came to her and listen her life’s story.”

SALT visit: Sanjay Lohara, Rati Lama & Dheeraj Lepcha.

SALT written: Dheeraj Lepcha.

Rural Aid, Alipurduar.


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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on February 3, 2022 at 5:40pm

Example of listening to those affected and helping them realise their strengths- both the mother and the child and not just the powerful leaders and going deep into the root cause.
What I also appreciate that Ruralaid team has blurred the photos of the mother and the child for confidentiality.

Comment by Shahrukh Atpade on February 3, 2022 at 5:18pm
Nice ☺️
Comment by Imran on February 3, 2022 at 5:06am

Wonderful ❤

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