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Humanity Exists, Inspiration SALT conversation with a young youth

I work with RuralAid NGO. My work with support from Global Fund for children is in Alipurduar District, Kalchini block (state of West Bengal, India). We work in the tea gardens on the issue of trafficking and child labour. We recently started using SALT in our work. A story from my first SALT visit.

A young youth from the tea garden of Kalchini block has shared one of the most  proud stories from his life, where he saved a cow from the stagnant deep drain while he was on the way to work.  Without hesitation of his own clothes and no matter what the people think about him, he helped and  pulled out a calf from the drain and  saved it . A few days later, someone uploaded his photo of  saving a calf on the “ I Love Siliguri - News”  Facebook page.  When he saw his photo on Facebook page  and the  positive comments, he was so proud and delighted, and was  motivated by what he had done.

The Strengths  of a youth. 

  • Kind hearted.   
  • Humanity / Sets an example for others.
  • Fond of animal (caring and loving)
  • Responsibility
  • Supportive.
  • Lovely smiling face. 
  • Want Young children to grow up in a safe environment.
  • Encourage his  friends to help others who are in need, surely God will help us when we are in need.


The  most important reflection from our SALT conversation has motivated the youth to action. The youth said that he is now motivated to help children in the tea gardens who have dropped out of school or who do not pay attention to studies and are busy using mobile phone or are vulnerable to trafficking

Although it was my first meeting with him, I was so much attached to him in his conversation. It builds the rapport relationship with him to fulfil dream of a sustainable community. 

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Comment by Dheeraj Lepcha on November 11, 2021 at 1:27am
Thank you Shahrukh
Comment by Shahrukh Atpade on November 8, 2021 at 6:21pm

This is so good...!

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