IAMR invited me to orient government officers from Jammu and Kashmir on community life competence and SALT. There were 22 officers, young group. It was last day of their five day training and they were to leave in the evening. 

We spent the beautiful morning discussing what makes us human. Out came many virtues, values, emotions, the sharing was deep. We are in no hurry for the tea break, they said! We shared stories and identified strengths in each other.

If we this community had so many strengths, we could achieve so more. So could other communities whom we usually consider marginalized and poor. "We often get irritated with people who come with queries and forms...now we will be more considerate." "It is not easy to apply SALT in office environment but with practice we can do it"

The final session was on how will you apply SALT back in the office. Here are the action plans of the five groups:

Ankita Sharma, Preeti Aggarwal, Gurneet Kour, Aman Dogra

S- We will share information with our counterparts and subordinates

Will stimulate them to do better

Will help the people and subordinates and colleagues and resolve genuine grievances

A-    Will appreciate our supervisors, subordinates and colleagues

L- Listen to all patiently without thrusting our ideas on them

We can learn from our subordinates Community will be involved in planning, monitoring and evaluation.

T- Transfer of thoughts, experiences and people

Involvement of all the staff in every work


Iram, Rashid, Mamta, Zahid, Ashiq

When we go back to the office, we would share about SALT what we have learned. We would like to share who we are and if we know more about them as human beings educational background, family so on. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help us deal with them better.

We want them to work creatively and give them a feeling that no matter what and if they give their best and work sincerely we can do better. We can work like a family there is no boss no subordinate. We will have to learn and listen from each other.

We need to communicate well even if it’s a petty issue. Lets begin to appreciate each other. Let’s not wait for bigger things but let’s count small things.

Chaman Lal, Javaid Ahmed, Uttam Singh, Irfan Ahmed, Suresh Sharma

We will start with a positive approach , take our subordinate officials as integral part of  team.

We will be prepared for both types of behavior- negative as well as positive which is in the  sytem.

Appreciation will be for the whole community and not one single person

Instead of criticism of colleagues we motivate to contribute best for next time to the organization.

Encouragement for every innovative ideas with belief in experience and strengths of the fellow colleagues

Naushaad Ahmad, Shanawaz Khan, Ishtiyaq Khan, Anika Mushtaq

  • Mutual respect and treat our subordinates in a way that they feel comfortable and good
  • Listen to our clients (community members who approach for help) with open heart
  • Be patient and set example for others the way we treat our subordinates


Nisar Ahmed, Romin Ahad, Jyoti and Mehak

We will listen, share and support when people come to us

we will transfer our way of working

We will appreciate others who approach us

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Comment by anika mushtaq on June 26, 2014 at 12:37pm

It was really a good experience. Although i came late to the class but on seeing the active participation of my fellow colleagues,the way session was conducted infused a new wave of energy and enthusiasm in me and overall i learnt how to spread salt in our offices.

Comment by iram shah faesal on June 23, 2014 at 7:54pm

had a wonderful time 

Comment by Autry Haynes on June 22, 2014 at 5:26pm

Dear Rituu, thanks for sharing your experience. We know you put SALT[y] effort into every experience. There is evidence that there was stimulation, linking " being human" to a Way of Working (WoW) when they go back to their respective working environment. Their plans can be linked to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Time bound).

Some times enthusiasm could meet a wall within the Environment in which we operate, we may not have control over the ALL factors to achieve our best intent. Post event eventuality is a blind side of our learning and measuring impact.

Thanks sooo much for sharing(^_^)



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