SALT visit in a Methodist clinic in Diéké, very well known for its services to surrounding communities and elsewhere.

First, with the local facilitators, during the preparatory exercise of the visit, we found it very difficult to approach the staff. "What are we going to say to the medical staff?" "They know what is right, but we are profane." Many local facilitators have little hope for the success of the visit and to speak frankly, on the way they say, "When doctors realize that our questions are for supervision, they will not listen at us."

It was in this spirit that the members of the team went to the place.

Before departure, a local facilitator asked that a few questions be prepared so that everyone knows what are the questions to ask. But, the facilitators of the Constellation have encouraged them to remain in the vision to learn and appreciate.

Arriving at the Methodist clinic of Diécké, the doctors, the nurses, the administrator, all meet in the meeting room of the staff.

The moderator starts the visit with greetings, presentation and purpose of the visit. Because of the small fear in the eyes of the facilitators, nobody dared ask the first question.

In the end, some of them dared to ask the first question: Madam Administrator, how do you organize staff and avoid interpersonal relationships?

 Meanwhile, there was a facilitator who asked the question that will raise the enthusiasm of all staff to say something because the administrator and the doctor were the only ones who spoke and answered questions.

What differentiates the Methodist clinic from other hospital structures and, from day to day, the population of patients is skyrocketing?

All the staff present, said a word about the question: "it is our way of welcoming, our way of reacting to an emergency, the harmless harmony existing between us, the taking of collegial decisions between the Doctors in front of a complicated case, honesty in the pharmacy to respect the price of drugs and the solidarity that every agent feels for the sick ... "

When one enters into a dynamic of learning, listening and appreciation, whatever the personality, communication can be a source of success and progress.

Here is what I learned from the SALT visit to the Methodist clinic in Diéké.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on December 20, 2016 at 1:48pm

Thanks for sharing. Apart from the valuable elements of appreciation, listening and learning, I also see the L for link in SALT. How facilitators can strengthen the link between communities and health care system. Please can I use your photos on our facebook page and reports Joseph? warm greetings from Delhi!


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