SALT is in the air, already there at community - Leaning Part 1 from Learning Event with Beyond Social Services Singapore

I was so surprised when I met a lady, a member of mother club called Mami Anggun, called Vina come from my home town in Indonesia when I attended learning event on SALT and CLCP with Beyond Social Service at Singapore, 22-24 August 2013. Further, my surprising even more when I listened to Siti's stories on her life struggling as single mother on taking care of her kids who is now a chef at Australia  and a stewardess.  Another lady, whom her husband are in jail told her story while other ladies hold her hands and made her calm when she was become so emotional. All of stories show courage, love, responsibility, sadness and happiness as well as motivation and inspiration to listener to never give up facing and struggling to better life.

In the same time I saw Deen, a colleague from Beyond Social Service sat and seriously listened to their stories as well as Rumpa, another Beyond's friend. Most of mothers were newly joined sharing session that initiated by Beyond Social Service. Personally, I appreciate Beyond that has been providing space for these mothers to be together, sharing their stories of life from where the Mami Anggun's members find their own strength and  a hint of solution from various stories of life they've shared. at the end of sharing session, it was obvious that Siti invited this mother group's member to come to her when they need jobs to earn money to help their family.  I heard also that their discussions were not only on how to earn money but also how to get access to other administrative things to their legalized citizenry at Singapore. 

Before I visited the community I asked Sangramitha who was also with me visited the community, a CLCP Coach, a question whether we need outsiders to promote SALT and CLCP to certain community.  Sangramitha said NO.  SALT must be there, already been practicing by people at community.  What we have to do as facilitator is how to make them realizing that and make how to make it even stronger. Further, we need to make them aware on CLCP working to ensure that local capacity could maximal used on facing and addressing their life issues.  I found my self overwhelmed with reality and evident that SALT is there, emerging obviously by ignition of story sharing among members of community.  Even Deen, Rumpa, Sanggramitha and me did not tell community what they've shared and responded to and reacted to is SALT we all were at the same understanding and living witnesses of SALT and local responses strengths.  This replaces skeptical opinion that probably SALT will not working on urban community like those at Singapore.  As long as we're human, we communicate at human basis by means of stories we could foster discussions that enabling us to find SALT as a belief and practice owned by community. 

On the way back to Beyond's dormitory I digested what I've been experienced and I found myself realize and even more believe that SALT as belief or principle and practices is in the air of Singapore already. I'm overwhelmed and happy! 

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Comment by Gerard Ee Huck LIan on September 4, 2013 at 8:31am

Thanks you Wiwin for reminding us all that SALT is within all of us.


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