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SALT and CSR Training - a discussion with chemical enterprise

Greeting from Indonesia! Selamat Malam

Last few weeks ago Lau Rie, Sohan and Diego visited me and Dewi Rahmadania, in jakarta Indonesia.   We were reconnected and involved at comfort discussion like we are just an old friends.  I still amazing with the power of re-connection and SALT that hide nothing among people who just met.  Wonderful.

The nest day, Dewi accompanied Lau, Sohan dan Diego visited east site of Jakarta.  Need to know from Lau Rie, how was it.

In the same time, I was preparing ISO 26000 training for a chemical enterprise in Bandung West Java, a four hour driving from jakarta area, assisting the company understanding corporate social responsibility.  As I talk to Lau Rie, that it was my first project  and I will remind me to practice SALT as communication technique as I delivered the ISO. I felt unrest however, since what I knew and experienced that applying SALT will take longer time. This is training for corporate person who used to be efficient.  So, what are going to happen then.

I felt nervous since I focused on ISO 26K as body of knowledge, Hey, what going on, it's not me.  I never felt very stressful when I talked with people.  I kept my self listening to their experience, bad experiences on CSR practices when community surround them demanded for more money and support. They also shared how scare they were to local journalist who were spying their operation and accused them as environmentally pollutant. I felt I got it, when they share their fear, and I could sense it, we are indeed communicate at human level.  More fear and concerns were identified, more relax we were,  and I called on their own capacity to cope with that issues.  Supports needed were identified as participants were map out our need based on their own strength.

So what is a difference between CSR consultant and SALT facilitator? I sum up that all consultant should be SALTY in nature, what we have in mind is not only standard we are going to promote or certified by we need to carried out with skill of listening to enable us identify client capacity to self - assess how far they are to the dream (ISO is going to pursue).  Later on checklist and supported document will follow latter on. 

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Comment by khorchi laurie on December 4, 2017 at 6:02pm

Thank you Wiwin, 

It's really interesting to read that more they shared about their fears, the more relax the conversation was. In your opinion, what make them confident to share this with you? 

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on October 26, 2017 at 7:57pm

Hi Wiwin, thanks for sharing. I liked how you made the people who you were working with relate their fears to their capacity to cope with their challenges. 

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