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Now the focus is on the “younger generation"

AVANI has been working with SALT in Washi village for the past one and a half years. But the young boys and men of the village did not meet. For this, we tried to communicate with them in different ways. But nothing happened.

Tried to meet through acquaintances in the village, and because of this, some meetings were conducted.

An opportunity to meet some Boys (Taruns) came through an acquaintance in Avani Sanstha. We went to their house. A house a little outside the village, a quiet place with the chirping of birds. In this calm environment, we sat down at his house for SALT. In the beginning, there was a discussion about the youth of the village. So far, everyone I have met has said the same thing. Our discussion started on the topic ‘70% of men in the village consume excessive alcohol'. He said that we know the situation of our village, and we are very worried about the village, But we can't do anything. At that time all men themselves told me that let us do something about it. So that the young generation of the village will get rid of this abuse.

At this time, I felt very good that some young people want to change the village, but they are not getting support from anyone. But they keep trust in us because of salt. They decided that we would meet the men and help them recover from this abuse.


1. We benefited greatly from today's discussion. We want to do a lot for the younger generation. All we need is your support and the support of the youth in the village.

2. Next time, we will meet and discuss with the youth who are involved in excessive consumption of alcohol.

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