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Aanganwadi workers, Children & adolescrnt girls build their common dream

Date : 13 April 2023

Avani Sanstha started SALT conversations in Vashi village for past one year. After SALT visits, we decided to invite community members for building their dream. Everyone was called to the Anganwadi center in Vashi village. In April 2023 about 17–18 people joined including Aangawadi workers and girls aged 11–16 years. We asked them to write what their dreams are about their village and about the children of the village. They could share through any medium painting, song or by writing. Everyone was divided into groups and asked to compile a dream. In this, two groups were formed, Anganwadi workers and children. Everyone started compiling their dreams in their own way. The Anganwadi worker told you from the dream that,
1. They want that the number of people who drink alcohol in Vashi village should reduce
They dream that there should be such a system in the village that alcohol should not be consumed.
2. Girls in the village should also get equal rights as boys.
3. The mentality of the older women of the village should be changed and they should give equal respect to the girls.

Children expressed their dream that
1. Girls have the right to study, they should be able to study
2. There should be such a situation in the village that the girl should also live with pride.

1. It was a great feeling to think of the dream we had made for our village today. We want to get it done.
2. We would like to meet again next time to fulfill this dream.

Note: Anganwadi is a type of rural child care centre in India. Anganwadi worker is a woman employed from the village to provide supplementary healthcare and nutritional services to children and pregnant women under the Integrated Child Development Services Scheme (ICDS Scheme)

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