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During my working years with a bank where I spent 29 years as a career, I had the good fortune of working directly with Mr KXM John who was my boss, when I worked in a branch office for a few years.

Mr John was a small-built, unassuming man, of cheerful countenance and pragmatic approach. He had impeccable command over the English Language. He was always ready to share his immense knowledge over almost every topic one could discuss.  He dared to correct you for your own good, and take bold decisions that mattered for the good of the institution, and the people who worked with him. He was known to be meticulous and a task master, yet willing to listen to you, a person you could learn so much from, and be inspired to upgrade your own standards.

To me, Mr John himself was SALT – Stimulation (working with him), Appreciation (of his qualities), Learning (from him and his inspiration) Transform (incorporating his unique role-modelling values in my life). Working with him always stimulated me to do better, improvise, be a leader in whichever role I am, and aspire to be self-competent.  I learned a lot from his style of working, his attitude and his finesse.  As I said, he was SALT itself.

Last month, he fell victim to COVID and succumbed to its complications. Even in death, he left behind a great legacy – his life and his personality as SALT, to continue to inspire all who had the good fortune to know him.

RIP, Mr John.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on June 2, 2021 at 7:00pm

Susan, am sorry for your loss. When you describe Mr John, I see all his qualities in you. A great mentor he was! Let's catch up soon, Susan.

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