I am delighted to share that interviews of Jayakar, Father Joe and Prabakar were featured in the Constellation newsletter. Congratulations to Jayakar (SAO, Hyderabad), Father Joe (NEDHIV, Dimapur) and Prabakar (SIAAP, Chennai). This became possible due to the efforts of Laurence whom I owe my sincere thanks to.

Here is a snapshot of Jayakar's interview:
"Everyone has something to share, Everyone has something to learn" I would like to share my experience on AIDS Competence Process, which has had a tremendous impact in the communities. Previous to knowing SALT approach, I had the impression that the community had no strengths to show concern for needy. After implementing this approach I strongly believe that community has lot of strengths to solve their issues. To read more and see Alison's pictures:

Don't miss Prabakar's take on ACP: "I like the AIDS Competence Process because it believes in potential of communities""I strongly believed in building on strengths but the AIDS Competence Process has made me focus on them. Now I consciously look at myself whether I am appreciative of people. I have discovered that it is a core quality of my son. He never goes without appreciating even a small thing I do," http://www.aidscompetence.org/content/news/news_august2008/4_news_august2008.htm

And Father Joe's matchless style on : "Potential of ACP is like an untapped 'Hydro-Power Source'!" "Once tapped, it will release a powerful electric force of local responses connecting our villages. My dream is to make ACP a wide spread NGO practice among my N-NagaDAO (Net work of Nagaland Drugs and AIDS Organizations) colleagues and even a state level response,"http://www.aidscompetence.org/content/news/news_july_2008/4_news_july2008.htm

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Comment by Marlou on November 13, 2008 at 7:12am
And for those who read this posting and donot know Rituu yet: add her to your list of India champions! Thanks Rituu for doing this wonderful job in sharing the rich experiences from your country with world!


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