Measuring Changes, how do we confident enough about that?

Dear All

Its about how to measure changes. How to be confident enough to put such number at status upon our practices. Meanwhile some of adapted responces had been made but we not so sure about that. At our context, Adolescent Reproductive health, some practices is not too specific and technical. Some are still general.

Our goup member has decided at what status they were, but still not really confident about that. As a team work this "unsure" status influence implementatin of plan of actian at individual and group level. Are we need direct support from facilitator?from Coach?

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Comment by wiwin winarni on February 8, 2010 at 10:59am
Dear Gaston

Thanks alot for your sharing. Yes you are just true the responce is thta what actually we want to achieve and agreement among people on practices what have doing, simply not the status. I will go to comunity again and working with this perspectives. Thanks

Comment by Gaston on February 5, 2010 at 5:14pm
Dear Wiwin, good question. According to me, the first purpose of assessing ourselves through the self-assessment is to stimulate a discussion and foster ownership of the issue(s) being discussed. When groups decide on a level (1-5) on the practice, they should mention 'why' they think they are there. Can they provide specific stories. But, it's not up to us to challenge levels, it's still a self-assessment. However, we can ask for explanation (also because we want to learn).

When the community implements certain actions to improve of a practice, the important question is: "Do these actions lead to an improvement on this practice (say from level 2 to level 3)?" It's an important question to ask to see the relevance of the action for the practice. Then if people provide the stories that can show a true improvement with everyone's agreement, then it's fine. The 'self-measurement framework', shows also a column: "How can we show others that we made progress". This is not for the donor or the outside agencies. It supports the community to transfer to other communities as well as get a larger insight in their own progress.

So I would recommend that they go deeper into 'why' they are this level. If there are still issues on the 'unsure' (are we 3,5?), then just make a decision. It's good though to start from level 1 (are we there yet? If yes, what about level 2 etc etc). Again, the value is not the most important, the actions (local responses) resulting from the exercise are what matters.

Good luck!


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