In Sankuru: Mobilising our own resources first

“We mobilise our own resources first” is an important principle in the community life competence process. This principle helps to ensure that a community uses its full strengths in working towards a dream, a shared vision. Members of the community mobilise all human and financial resources in their reach to achieve their own success.

I am therefore delighted about latest developments in Sankuru, RD-Congo.

The Constellations Global Support Team, together with the RDC-Competence team, are supporting the local SALT team in Sankuru to organise their response to a current threat where a Monkeypox outbreak is taking lifes, also of young children.

The Sankuru SALT team is determined to train ideally 100 facilitators who can accompany communities to take the relevant and informed actions necessary to counter the virus. Training the facilitators is one thing, having them reach the remote communities in world’s largest rainforest is another. This needs resources. Financial resources that are not in reach of the community itself. We calculated that supporting one facilitator to do his job would cost around 200 Euro. That is why we are jointly doing an appeal to anyone who can contribute financially to this process. The first donations have slowly started to come in.

This Crowdfund campaign does not mean that the people in Sankuru are now resting, waiting for funds to come their way. In the contrary!

The team recently organised an informative event for any potential partner in this undertaking. And the response of the local government is very uplifting.

The chief of the provincial health unit, convinced of the need to mobilise communities, reached out to various health zones. And here is what they offer:

“Our health zone will be pleased to make a room available for the focal point and even to provide him all the necessary for his work desk”.

The team also managed to mobilise a computer and internet connection for the next twelve months to remain connected for management of the programme and for the sharing with others.

We look forward to see further meetings of strengths, and we invite you all to consider how you could support.

Reaching the remote areas where the affected communities live is a day to day challenge

Sankuru team meets with local partners to discuss plans to bring SALT at work in the response to MonkeyPox.
Photo credit: Paul Lokoto, Sankuru. 

The Constellation supports the Sankuru SALT teams fundraising activities by shedding a light on their activities. From 15 October 2016 – 15 January 2017 you will read regular updates on progress in Sankuru on Constellations virtual platform and in our newsletter.

Your financial contribution is important and highly valued.

You can make your contribution to the Constellations donation account:

IBAN: BE62 0015 7904 9761   


With mention of SANKURU

You can also pay via paypall, use the button on this link:

Donations in Europe are tax exempted. Contact Marlou for further information.

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