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FIrst AIDS Kit is moving to a page!


The First AIDS Kit project was established to reduce new HIV infections among youths in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines, through peer education targeted at at-risk and vulnerable youth communities.

Growing numbers of youths engaging in risky behavior exposing themselves to HIV/AIDS calls for immediate action. However, response to HIV/AIDS often miss out the participation of youths, especially the most at risk and vulnerable population. 

While most projects focus on awareness raising to the general public, HIV/AIDS education does not reach out to the most-at-risk youth populations due to the stigma attached to them that contributed to their marginalization and disenfranchisement.

First AIDS Kit offers capacity-building approach by facilitating drawing out community knowledge, develop these into life tools, and bring these back into the community for them to assess their own risk, benchmark their own goals, measure their own progress and celebrate own change First AIDS Kit Malaysia empowers them to difference in their lives.

Do not miss out your chance to make a difference!



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Comment by John Piermont Montilla on January 2, 2011 at 11:08pm
Hi Hui

Great job for a new great year!

I am proud of you. We need young leaders who make a difference.

Your First AIDS Kit colleague abby and I plans to meet this month in Baguio City. I will mentor her on how to establish partnerships with the local social hygeine clinic, the local NGOs as well as the exciting community visits with at-risk youth.

I agree with you that HIV prevention does not reach the right populations particularly the most-at-risk.We emerging young leaders in the HIV sector should need to reflect on the new ways of developing knowledge different from the common wisdom of just distributing condoms or Informational materials, peer education which are mostly just information giving and lectures full of talking and planning.. talking and planning... talking and planning but short of action.

Here at the Constellation, we are challenged in developing knowledge and you are again right, developing capacities on knowledge management (learning and sharing) tools where communities themselves can practically use within their communities and with others.

These are our challenge:

1. Ways of learning and facilitation of learning

2. Ways of feeling and facilitation of expressions of feeling

3. Ways of working and facilitating responses driven by community strengths, and

4. The creation of knowledge from our new ways of learning, feeling and working discovered through the processes of self-inquiry and dialogue (SALT) with the most affected individuals and communities.

I can see the force in you Hui. Keep up the good work and keep on striving and preparing for more challenges in the future.



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