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It is indeed hard to commit to blog once a week - school has reopened and the project is running with full force now. 

Here are plans that I would like share with you all: 


Days Peer toPeer Facilitation Training (After exam, March)

Itis important to organize the training to teach the new batch ofvolunteers/project members. Participants in the last batch (November 2010) willtrain the new batch to ensure the continuation of the project.


   Awareness Event at Shopping mall  (30 Apr, 1 May)

Wecame out a list of various activities we could organize in 2011. One of them was an event organized in SubangParade, as they do not charge for rental. AIESEC can help us out with this.


3.    Shelter Home outreaches (15, 22 January)

We have already obtained permission from school to conduct theoutreach sessions at the shelter home and the community team has been in touchwith the shelters.


4.    HIV Week in school

-Awareness Sessions with Form 4 Students (14-18 Feb)

Secondary school students are our target population that needsthe HIV/AIDS information the most. One special thing about this is we can getAIESEC’s interns to help out with some parts of presentation, and this will getthe attention of students in our schools cos these interns come from various partsof the world. We can have a very short cultural sharing session after thepresentation to allow the intern to introduce more about their countries.



We can have 5 sessions per day, so it will span for 3 days tocover all form four classes (14-16 Feb) On the last day (17 Feb) we can have aquiz for students.


-Sales of remaining T shirt


5. Printing stickers and recycle bags

As one of our members mentionedabout printing stickers and recycle bags, that would not be problem cos I canget the Artistic Team to design that for us. I think we can incorporate thisinto the awareness event, to sell these items to get revenue.




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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on January 6, 2011 at 10:51am

Dear Hui,


Thanks for sharing your plans. You are doing great work. Wanted to share that Community life competence approach has been applied by Indonesian team with peer educators.


Best wishes,


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