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Community Youth: I'll give you evidence of community response to immunization - Assam, India

Hello to All, 

Community response is well appreciated when they really work harder to make their children, families and villages happy. They create demand and also help the Health system in a different way.. Here is the story of Mr. Mahizudul Islam from village Bajpara part 4, #Bongaigaon district, #Assam, India. He is a SALT champion and working for the welfare of children through improving the immunization.

This is real example of behavior change, response and ownership where community providing the evidence of change, evidence of increased coverage of immunization and evidence of their hard work..

Herewith attached link where you can feel his work for community-

Summary : I am Mahizudul Islam , from village Bajpara part 4, #Bongaigaon district, #Assam, India. I am a SALT champion. Today ie 15th March 2019, some people asked if there is evidence that SALT approach is going on well or not. I want to tell them that SALT approach is going the right way.

When SALT team came to our village they asked many questions including immunization. I did not have any answers, so I went to Sub-centre where mothers take their children for immunization and asked the ANM, Doctor and ASHA what is immunization and why it is given. They explained to me. I asked them please share the data with me of last month. They shared that the target was 109 but only 35 were regularly taking vaccination. I went and discussed this issue with other youngsters like me. I thought don't parents love their children that they do not fully immunise their children.

We called for a village meeting and invited everyone including the older people. I asked why parents were not taking their children for immunization. They said that after vaccination due to fever the baby cries the whole night and we cannot tolerate his or her pain. Then, we, young people, went to the parents and explained to them the importance of vaccination to the parents and they agreed to regularly immunise their children.

Yesterday 14th March 2019 I called up ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) According to her data out of 120 children 78 children are getting immunised. Is this not a sign of improvement and you are asking us data? He ends with saying that they have been working hard as a community and needs wishes so that they can continue this trend. (This was under the project Constellation, CNES and Voluntary health association of India; video recorded by Dr Gaurav Sethi, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India)

With Best wishes,


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Comment by Marie Lamboray on March 25, 2019 at 4:52pm


« Je vais vous donner des preuves de la réponse locale de ma communauté concernant la vaccination ! » s’exclame un jeune Assamais.


La réponse locale est bien appréciée quand ce travail est effectué pour rendre enfants, familles et villages heureux. Ils créent une demande et aident aussi le système de santé d'une manière différente. Voici l'histoire de M. Mahizudul Islam du village Bajpara, partie 4, district de #Bongaigaon, #Assam, Inde. Il est un champion de SALT et travaille pour le bien-être des enfants, en particulier pour la vaccination.

C’est un exemple réel de changement de comportement, de réponse et d’appropriation dans lequel la communauté fournit des preuves du changement, une couverture accrue de la vaccination et des preuves de ses efforts.

Ci-joint le lien pour une vidéo qui vous fera ressentir son travail pour sa communauté-


Résumé: Je suis Mahizudul Islam, du village Bajpara, partie 4, district de #Bongaigaon, #Assam, Inde. J’applique SALT dans ma communauté. Aujourd'hui, à savoir le 15 mars 2019, certaines personnes ont demandé s'il était prouvé ou non que l'approche SALT soit efficace. Je veux leur dire que l'approche SALT va dans le bon sens.

Lorsque l'équipe SALT est arrivée dans notre village, elle a posé de nombreuses questions, notamment sur la vaccination. Comme je n'avais pas de réponse, je suis allé au centre où les mères emmènent leurs enfants pour la vaccination et j'ai demandé aux agents de santé ce qu'est la vaccination et pourquoi elle est nécessaire. Ils m'ont expliqué. Je leur ai demandé de me donner les données du mois précédant. Ils m’ont dit que sur 109 enfants, seuls 35 étaient régulièrement vaccinés. Je suis allé discuter de ce problème avec d'autres jeunes comme moi. Je me demandais comment des parents qui aiment leurs enfants pourraient ne pas vacciner leurs enfants.

Nous avons convoqué une réunion de village et invité tout le monde, y compris les personnes âgées. J'ai demandé pourquoi les parents ne vaccinaient pas leurs enfants. Ils ont dit qu'après la vaccination, à cause de la fièvre, les bébés pleurent toute la nuit et qu’ils ne pouvaient supporter leur douleur. Ensuite, nous, les jeunes, sommes allés voir les parents et nous leur avons expliqué l’importance de la vaccination et ils ont accepté de vacciner régulièrement leurs enfants.

Hier, le 14 mars 2019, j'ai appelé l’ASHA (agent de santé). Selon ses données, sur 120 enfants, 78 enfants sont vaccinés. N'est-ce pas un signe d'amélioration ? Et vous nous demandez des données ? Il termine en disant qu'ils travaillent dur en tant que communauté et ont besoin d’être encouragés pour pouvoir continuer sur cette lancée. (Ce festival s’est tenu dans le cadre du projet de la Constellation, du CNES et de l'Association des volontaires pour la santé en Inde ; vidéo enregistrée par le Dr Gaurav Sethi, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Inde.)

Avec mes meilleurs vœux,


Comment by wiwin winarni on March 23, 2019 at 2:04am
I really appreciate and enjoy Mazhidul video on his passionate ownership of immunization issues.  As way of thinking and way of working I feel that its just a beginning.  A very good start. Its when we  have more youth open conversation with Family members on the issues using his intriguing question : don't family live their kids,  why didn't they immunize them? His concern stimulate action that  encourage community member  to act accordingly.
Personally, as a facilitator, I want to go deeper to see what Mazhidul have been done as we need to see what part of SALT that really is working at this situation and how.  The result is that is shown by increased immunization coverage seem to be need to verify what other things has been influencing the result. 
To exceed and sustain his work,  I belief what Mazhidul have been doing need to be supported by providing distant coaching or what so ever and or at least he need to work in a team consist of other youths or community member so we will be very much confident that SALT is taking part of this status. 
As Rituu has have been said that communities has become sidelined,  we need to ensure that Mazhidul's working with SALT is changing the situation.  
Thanks Dr. Gaurav for this inspiring video. Go Mazhidul go, its an era of youth rcking the world!
Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on March 22, 2019 at 12:05pm

Thank Mahizudul for sharing your experience, and Dr Gaurav who recorded it! You went beyond your first idea on why parents did not send their children for immunisation and discovered a very different reality. This happens when we believe that people have strengths and are ready to mobilise them for their children and their community. 

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on March 22, 2019 at 8:09am

Thanks for recording this video. 

We know that change comes when government, NGOs, communities and other stakeholders work together. Here what is striking is that Mazhidul, the community youth, reflects how the youth have begun to own the issue. It is when you own it you become emotional, you take action and you are encouraged to check if you are making a difference through your action. Very well demonstrated by his call to the ASHA to know the data.

What worries me is that in development sector role of the communities has become sidelined.  We know that when those associated with the issue are centre, the response is effective. It does not diminish the role of government and other stakeholders, they are important in providing information and services. We need to keep the balance. 

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