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Because of SALT daughter realize mothers dream

Met with Anganwadi Sevika while working in connection with SALT in Vashi. Anganwadi sevika explained their problem that the number of children in Anganwadi is decreasing and parents are admitting their children to English medium schools. At that time Anganwadi sevika find the solution is that they should communicate with parents through SALT. It is one of impact of SALT. Anganwadi sevika realize the strength of SALT.
After a few days they were took SALT with Parents. At that time One of the women told a very nice story. She said that, " I was educated in a rural area school. I studied till 10th. After that I got married at the age of 14. My dream was to become a doctor. But that dream did not come true. I didn't get a chance to get education after marriage but I expect from both my children that they will fulfill my dream. I told my elder daughter about my dream but her dream is to grow up to be an engineer. I did not force her. My other daughter who is currently in Anganwadi came to me and said 'Mom I will grow up to be a doctor for you' at that time i felt very Happy. At this time, all the other women present praised the little girl. After that the rest of the women narrated their school life experiences.

The Anganwadi Sevika then told the women that if you educate your children in local language medium Marathi school, it does not necessarily mean that it is inferior.  they will learn a lot of good things and experience a lot and it will be far cheaper. Everyone agreed with this and everyone said that we can't take away the childhood from our children's lives as we completed our childhood with so much fun that I want to give to our children.

1. We are very thankful that today we get to take time from housework for our children and ourselves.
2. Next time for sure we will meet again together and share our experiences.

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Comment by Marie Lamboray on September 14, 2023 at 10:58am

Hello Shahrukh! I wonder what is the dream younger daughter, her own dream...

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