It is 07:00 PM on June 20. Rui is driving us back from Boene to Maputo, after the first day of the Mozambique knowledge fair. After a 30 km ride, we stop at a red traffic light at the top of a hill. Team members chat in the back of the car. Rui takes advantage of the stop to respond to few text messages. He and his team are organizing SALT visits for 100 participants for tomorrow, not a small endeavor!

As he is writing, we feel a shock at the rear of our vehicle. Rui stops writing, and turns back wondering who rammed into us at the traffic light! I think that I can see some anger on his face. “Take it easy”, I say, “we hit the vehicle behind us, not the opposite! Our car was moving backwards while you were concentrated on your text messages.” Rui gets out of our vehicle, meets the other driver. They don’t notice any damage. We soon leave and arrive in Maputo in good spirits.

When faced with an unexpected event, we tend to act on the basis of a hypothesis that explains the event. However, before we take action, let us stop and ask ourselves the question: “Am I sure?”

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Comment by Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique on July 17, 2011 at 2:24pm

Dear JLL,

How come JLL that every time you are in a car, the driver makes a minor mistake:-)

Hope you remember that I was the driver, when you, Rituu, and me were going to meet the EMPHASIS team after meeting Dr. Asha Rao of UNIFEM, the last time you were in Delhi. And while reversing out of the car park, and at the same time contributing to the quick AAR that you and Rituu were involved in about prospects with UNIFEM, I did not notice a car slip from behind and left of me, while I was looking behind and right. A small brush with that car brings me out quickly and profusely apologizing to that driver. JLL is out of the car too providing the much needed moral support to me. The other driver forgives me and all is well as we proceed for dinner with the EMPHASIS team. 

Comment by Bheri M R on July 16, 2011 at 7:37pm

it is verry impaortant question to be asked ourselves every time, which helps us to reduce our mistatks and tensions, from this story, I am sure  I came to konw that every action or situation has many aspects but a positive thinker or eagerness to learning  person can only looking for strengths and posive learnings

thanks for sharing this

Comment by Gaston on July 16, 2011 at 9:18am
An important question to ask continuously. The Buddha said that 99% of our perceptions through our senses are actually not correct. We do not see the 'objective reality', but only that what occurs to us. Realizing this opens a world of possiblities to let situations occur to us in a different way.


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