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You are What You are BECOMING...

Life has been described in many ways: A roller coaster, two edged sword, a teacher, a school them, but really: LIFE IS THE PROCESS OF CONTINUOUS BECOMING... 


You are not today where you were yesterday. By the time I finish writing this, I will be older than the time I began writing. SO WILL YOU BE BY THE TIME YOU ARE DONE READING.... You are continuously becoming something: Good or Bad. Nothing stagnates, even dead rocks get weathered, as other life forms evolve to…


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Before You Give Up …Look Up!

‘When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on’ Franklin D. Roosevelt

The world has been metaphorically referred to as a battle field, and we are the fighters. As it is in every fight, there are winners and losers. The line between winning and losing is a thin one. Whether we are on the winning side or the losing side is largely dependent on how long we are ready to hold on without losing sight of the results we want even when they don’t seem to be…


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New wine …new wine skins!

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,

 anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

It is a familiar statement. Put differently, once every little while. We have all intentionally or been forced by circumstances to… Start a new chapter, open a new page, go back to the drawing board, start a fresh and all those synonyms that you may have used when it was time to concede some reality and take on a new path…

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When the passive dreamer sleeps and snores, …the passionate visionary rises and soars.

The names in the hall of fame are not of those who hang their dreams on a wall frame and did nothing: it is those who realized that dreams need daily dusting and that one cannot do so without soiling their hands. Dreamers are darers who are not afraid to try, and don’t mind cutting a sweat. With time, like my guitar, some dreams might have gone out of tune, and others rusted, there is need to WORK… Continue

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You are a ball of infinite potential, tap into it!

There are no unimportant people, only people who feel unimportant,  Don't be like them...

There are no insignificant people, only people who feel insignificant,
Don't be like them...
There are no 'lesser' people, only people who feel…

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The Constellation: who are we

The Constellation video, where we journey in less then 2 minutes from space, through nature, to villages, in homes and back while exploring what the Constellation stands for. Thank YOU for being part of it.


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