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Sharing and transfer

Today Gaston invited me and Dewi for a skype call to discuss about our experiences on TRANSFER. Some of my thoughts are as below: - Share has lots to do with transfer. By sharing stories, small changes we invite others to be interested to CLCP. - When you share do not look at the big prize that organizations, people will adopt CLCP immediately. Share with inspiration and be one with that inspiration, create the energy. Results will follow. - spread the seeds in the field ( this is Lulu's…


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Facilitation, organization and community

I was reading the Constellations news letter for January and thought will go bed soon as it is almost midnight here. I could not stop and go. I read the news on launching of blended learning programme and the comments made by the participants and also an experience shared by Phil.

Yes, I am talking about the organizations, say x NGO or even UNFPA who supports faciliatate CLC in communities and want to integrate CLC approach in it's strategic plan. Its a big and challenging task and I… Continue

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Life Competence

Hello all,

I am back at Jakarta almost after 5 weeks. This green city, the ojecks ( motor cycles), vendors at the streets selling all sorts of foods... make me feel I am home. Even this time in Dhaka I was missing Jakarta, life in Jakarta and off course the warm welcoming people of this city! Peoples are busy all day yet not rushing. You won't see here people are walking in hurry. relax and happy smiling faces. In my 2 years stay here now I think peoples smiling face are the… Continue

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Last night a flower bloomed infront of the Hotel

During the first evening of Indonesia Knowledge Fair we all went to SALT visit in small groups. This was not organized as we decided to practice the SALT with the people we would meet. We are now clear in our minds that SALT is not a visit but a way of life

SALT is appreciating our lives:

“I found a new way to know my child” - Exkuwin, Jakarta

“For the first time I asked my baby sitter about her life” - Wiwin,… Continue

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The Sun my Heart

I was reading this book 'The sun my heart' of Thich Nhat Hanh this morning while going to work. I was touched by the book as he wrote " ..peace and happiness are the guides for measuring the fruit of practice {meditation}. If we do not become calmer and happier, something is wrong with our practice" So in meditation there is self measurement of change as we do in AIDS competence. And I think we can measure peace as a practice of ACP. See… Continue

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SALT in Radio Fritta FM 105: SERAMBI SHORE

Stimulate, Appreciate, Learn/Link and Transfer are referred to a small but powerful word “SALT”. SALT is an approach which appreciates peoples strengthens and stimulates to act on their own through listening and learning. The learning’s are transferred to others as well. SALT approach has taken as an AIDS Competence approach by the Merauke community, Papua along with other communities in 4 provinces of Indonesia some 3 years ago. The work has been… Continue

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Way of thinking and way of working

SALT Facilitation team sat at a meeting room at the Pontianak BAPEDA. It was a preparatory meeting for the facilitators before the beginning of a 3 days’ workshop on ACP tools at Pontianak. I was one of them. I asked Lulu ( who is from a transgender organization), you have lately working intensely with your transgender community for safe practices, condom use, dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS, tell me when and at what point do you think people start changing their behavior’… Continue

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Starfish at Indonesia:

Weeks ago Laurence has sent us a format to update the status of National Facilitation Team (NFT) at Indonesia. What is the name of the NFT? How many members, how big it is? So on and so forth. This blog hopes and intents to reply her questions.

Formally ACP has put its first foot print in Indonesia in 2006. I believe long before that knowingly or unknowingly Indonesians were practicing SALT in their day to day lives. UNFPA embarked… Continue

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A tale of two cities

Whole night it rain heavily, I thought the early morning flight would be cancelled or postponed. We had a schedule to meet both the SALT teams at Pontianak and Singkawang. I heard about the teams there, excited to meet, saw Novi (already a friend) and Chandra at ning. I heard the teams are having problems, they are stuck …I did not know, not sure about what it was. Now that with the rain I was thinking how it will turn up.

We arrived Pontianak, a sunny morning; the city was glowing with… Continue

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Story of Merauke

Merauke is a plain land city of southern part of Papua, Indonesia.Where diversity of culture is less visible comparing to Jayapura, the provincial city.

Yet HIV has met people at Merauke and life is not stopped there. There is a district AIDS Commission as a local body to coordinate the HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care activities in the district. Ibu Henny is the secretary of local AIDS commission and a lawyer by profession. As she speaks to us on one of those fine… Continue

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The Constellation: who are we

The Constellation video, where we journey in less then 2 minutes from space, through nature, to villages, in homes and back while exploring what the Constellation stands for. Thank YOU for being part of it.


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