Today Gaston invited me and Dewi for a skype call to discuss about our experiences on TRANSFER. Some of my thoughts are as below: - Share has lots to do with transfer. By sharing stories, small changes we invite others to be interested to CLCP. - When you share do not look at the big prize that organizations, people will adopt CLCP immediately. Share with inspiration and be one with that inspiration, create the energy. Results will follow. - spread the seeds in the field ( this is Lulu's wisdom from school), few plants will grow if not all. And we can nurture them. - Invite top bosses, decision makers to learn with you. And while you do that do not talk about 'indicators' or 'means' like condom use, leaflets, VCT etc. Focus on peace, honor, confidence, faith that CLCP brings to peaple. I have a book of stories on that , school teens shared with us in Manonjaya ARH competence event. They said how they are changing with thier peers and with themselves , how caring and confident they have become after the learning events. Adults have more to change ..actually to evolve. Bring the decision makers to the community , walk them with a team of local facilitators. They will see and recognize what SALT can do to individuals. - Ask organizations to learn from community about issues they want to work on. Like some organization work on poverty reduction ,or gender equality. Invite them to work with the issue applying SALT and learn what is gender , what is poverty meant to those who live with that condition in their skins. Not from any preconceived ideas or percepts. Be genuine, be organic. I am facilittaing a work on Gender in Kupang. We learned so many things. I am sure big organizations will take this approach when they will see the power of SALT. - Create a alliance of big organizations who may advocate to others. With whom constellation and country competence facillitators worked already. Like ADB, UNFPA, WHO and others. Ask them why they liked the approach, what changes they see etc rather than we telling them.

But we got to find out how to do that. In big organizations people are bored with formats, monotonous reports. Share heart warming stories with them. Organizations do Situation Analysis , invite them to do the Situation Analysis with SALT. A wonderful tool.I believe every one would appriciate its applicability for Situation analysis. If it works ( and it will actually) then other tools can be applied.

- be flexible, flexible, flexible and ask organization if they can afford the flexibility, not a tight schedule for learning. Working in flexibility allows creativity to happen.

"If I face a VIP and got 2 minutes to share my work, what would I sare"? A question Gasaton posed to us. I will share nothing to him. Will appreciate his coming to us, listen carefully and then may tell few words on my work. I will tell the VIPs that I create a space for men and women to have conversation for change, for true understanding of self. And for that matter I apply a simple tool named SALT.

Will write more as I find them.




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Comment by Dewi Rahmadania on June 7, 2010 at 8:51pm
wonderfull story Rebeka.,
its also inspiring me how to answer a question from Gaston.,

keep on spirit..,
Comment by M.L. Prabakar on May 31, 2010 at 5:41pm
Dear Rebakah,
Thanks for the wonderful sharing. I really liked what you have mentioned as indicators of CLCP Peace, honour, confidence and faith. Even great experts miss these valuable indicators. This message has come to me at the right time I would say. It is not important how much we are aware of, but what really matters is that we really bring at a few into practice. You have really made me focus on these valuable aspects and set me in motion, moving towards practice.

The two minute talk to the VIP: A splendid response that is really crisp and deep. Gaston wonderful question to stimulated thinking of Rebekah and team. Wonderful effort to make them think beyond.

All the very best,

Comment by Olivia Munoru on May 26, 2010 at 7:50am
Hi Rebekah, you are sitting only metres from me but I wanted to say thank you for your blog. I am discussing a situational analysis right now for some proposal work and I think that your suggestions are really helpful. Let's shake off those boring tools and restrictive methodologies, and lets ask people about their situation in a salty way.....
Comment by wiwin winarni on May 25, 2010 at 2:22pm
Dear Rebeka;

Wonderfull, I like the way you answer Gaston's question how to fave the VIPS at two minute. We confident enough not to be spokesmen/lady just invite other to see directly the community, the people of telling and sharing their power n concern on life of well-being.

Thanks for inspiring me of being confident answering the VIPs, and to Gaston, thks for stimulating me through your lifetime facilitation.

Best Regards

Comment by Gaston on May 25, 2010 at 7:41am
wonderful Rebeka. Let's continue our conversation tomorrow by phone. You got me curious!


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