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How the bees listen

Laura Simms had joined us for a Knowledge Fair in Assam where we brought the communities together to share and exchange. So when there was a presentation organised by Taos Institute on the Assam project and Knowledge Fair, Laura joined us. Here are our thoughts on the presentation sent to me by email. The title of the blog is from Laura. …


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Neighbourhoods & communities matters most in response to Pandemic

(I am sharing the email exchange I had with Alison and Ian Campbell on how they have facilitated their local neighbourhood in the UK to respond to Covid. .Alison and Ian have facilitated community  strengths based responses to critical health issues over the past 30 years, inclusive of local faith expression. They coordinate Affirm Facilitation Associates www.affirmfacilitators.org and collaborate with…


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Knowledge is Fair

Laura Simms, a story teller based in New York, attended the knowledge Fair in Guwahati, Assam (India). This one day event was supported by Taos Institute.

Constellation with CNES and Voluntary Health Association of Assam has been working on community ownership on health in three districts - Bongaigaon, Udalguri and Kamrup rural. On 5th and 6th feb 2020, community members came together to share and learn on the actions they are taking for health of their children.…


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A small revolution of human resourcefulness and creativity

Laura Simms, story teller based in New York, attended the knowledge Fair in Guwahati. Constellation with CNES and Voluntary Health Association of Assam have been working on community ownership and action on health in three districts - Bongaigaon, Udalguri and Kamrup rural. On 5th and 6th feb 2020, community members came together to share and learn on the actions they are taking for health of their children. Youth role in this process has been strong.

During the festival Laura visited …


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Shift in Gender roles & responsibilities


United Nations’ Gender Development Index confirms that countries with a high level of gender equality have higher immunisation coverage. In India, socially constructed roles and behaviors are attributed to men and women. Too often, the burden of child health falls solely on the shoulders of mother. According a GAVI study, making women the primary target of information campaigns merely perpetuates the idea that taking children to be…


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SALT effects go deep within

We went for a SALT visit today to Village Hiragata and digging deeper brought surprising changes to the fore after nearly three years of the project.

Community shared that we cleaned up the playground of the school, planted trees in the ground, installed a water tap and ceiling fans in the classroom. Now the school is clean and beautiful. So what is the result of this, asked Laura Simms. When Children come to school, they enjoy playing in the playground, clean drinking water is…


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Deep conversations when people dare to be themselves

Did you see any personal change in you after the SALT process? This was one of the questions during the Knowledge Fair in Assam which we asked the participants.  
ASHA* in brightly coloured clothes from Udalguri gets up. And narrates her story. " I must confess that I used to drink alchol and consume intoxicating substances. After…

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Multiple generations weave a common dream on health

Old, young, women , men , patients & children developed a common dream for health in village Majhiwar, Block Mashobra, district Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.  Facilitated by Arun and Virender, SALT facilitators from NGO Mamta on 28th Dec 2019. I will highlight three points here:

1. Community/neighbourhood & family centric response to health

HealthRise is a project on Non communicable diseases (NCDs)- diabetes and hypertension. We have…


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We knew we had problems but not the extent

(On 4th Dec 2019, Dr Michael Steffens visited Village Hiragata, Kamrup Rural, Assam, India for evaluation of CLCP and SALT approach in building community ownership on child health. Anganwadi worker* named Surya Hamida  presented two self-assessments for year 2017 and 2018 done by the community on child health and shared the importance of Self assessment. Project being implemented by Voluntary Health Association of Assam and Constellation with voluntary Health Association of India. Thanks…


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From checklists to process

Village Sakiapara, Udalguri District, Assam (India). We are using CLCP and SALT process for community engagement on immunization and child health. ANM and ASHA are health workers in India

ANM- Initially there were left outs and drop outs in immunization in this village in year 2017. Through SALT approach, ASHA realized that she could tap the community and rope in the women and if they are involved she could get 100% immunisation. Male participation in immunization has improved. Male…


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Nine weeks of CLCP- what surprised us?

In HealthRise transition grant we are using CLCP with for patient centred approach to diabetes and hypertension in Rajasthan and Himachal, India. In our call today with the implementing team, Mamta NGO from Shimla, Himachal, I asked the team what surprised them.
  1. Many of the old villages where they had used SALT in first phase 7-8 monts (2017-2018) most of the patients continued to visit the medical facilities like in village Dhanot and Khatnol mentioned Virender and…

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When health worker begins to facilitate SALT

Late in the night I received a message  health worker or ASHA(accredited social health activist) as we call in India. She had facilitated SALT for the first time and enjoyed it and wanted to share the pictures with me. She is Anita from Dharech, Block Theog, Himachal Pradesh, India. We are working with NGO Mamta-HIMC funded by Medtronic Philanthropy on patient centred approach to diabetes and hypertension. 

This what Anita shared:

I think SALT is a very good approach…


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SALT stimulates response and behaviour change

One of the early projects I facilitated CLCP around 2012. I actively started facilitating in 2013.
Avahaan Project funded by BMGF and for Care India, I facilitated CLCP with a collective of 10 sex worker CBOs called Nari Saksham in Rajahmundry. This was under Anthony Reddy who headed the project. Through CLCP we had to build leadership amongst the sex workers to improve organisation and development of CBOs. 
During one of the SALT visits one of the practices which…

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Effective community entry processes

I attended a webinar which made me think of the first step of Community life competence process . The webinar -Effective community entry processes: How to build partnerships with communities (and how not to!)

In this Breakthrough ACTION Springboard webinar, Gail Snetro and Carla Sanchez of Save the Children reviewed effective…


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Communities are not just 'data gatherers'!

WWF Netherlands and the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands organized a three-day workshop on Citizen Science in The Hague in early July 2019. The workshop brought together  representatives from civil society, science and government to learn from interesting cases studies, unpack prominent themes related to citizen science and share experiences.…


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Whose knowledge is valid?

I have been informally involved with Society for Community Research and Action. The group recently had an exciting discussion on definition of CP practice and how it can/is/should change! I watched the video later and found it very useful and want to share with you. Thanks to Nicole Freund, Research Scientist, Managing Editor, Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice for this video. 

Key takeaways from the video

Whose knowledge is…


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Community-based participatory art project in Beijing (China)

I attended a presentation on The Feather Nest Project with Bojun Hu, Ilda Freire, and Emily Wong. Taos Institute organises regular calls for its associates and I am proud to be their associate. This presentation explored the co-creative process in a community-based participatory art project, and discussed embodied ways of transforming the relational space in between people.  Bojun, Ilda, and Emily co-created a community-based participatory art project in Beijing China. The Feathers Nest…

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When we changed our way of working to SALT, community began to take responsibility of its health

Himani Sharma worked as SALT facilitator in NGO called Mamta, India. In this video, she shares her experience of engaging patients and communities in #HealthRise project supported by Abt Associates in Catholic Health Foundation of India - Udaipur and NGO Mamta- Shimla (India). This project used Constellation's approach CLCP and SALT for…


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‘Ownership’ of evaluation & evaluative mindset in communities – key to achieving the goal of No one left behind

We often use the term community participation in evaluation but do we reflect enough on the degree and depth of this engagement?“Use of participatory tools alone do not guarantee ‘ownership’. Evaluation can be a largely extractive process of getting data from the communitiesdid the communities have a say in what data has to be collected?” (LaiaGriñó (2015), DME for peace webinar).In “Theory of ownership” Philip Forth argues, “When I decide what to do and I do…


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11-13 year olds as stakeholders

Background : We started CLCP with adolescents( age group 17-19 years old) who attend computer classes in SAATHI Community centre of Institute of Social Studies Trust, Delhi, India. The aim is how they can be themselves and discover their inner potential. Additionally, how can they value and support each other and work towards a community they want. We met the adolescent girls, then boys and finally on 2nd November 2018, we invited both the groups to meet and share with…


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