Principle 5: If we understand what we can do then we are eager to help

If we in the community understand what we can do to help PLHIV then we are eager to get involved

A woman shared how she went for testing and found she was HIV positive. She included her family and neighbours. Those who found they were positive got help from a sister who advised them to come up with an association. - Kenya

by Carol Njeri


Inclusion of neighbouring community in the SALT team After a Uganda SALT team introduced the ACP to CSW and fuel vendors of the neighboring community, the CSW realized their potential and their strengths. This led them to use the Welfare Centre for their meetings and discussions about proper condom use, replenishing condoms, discordancy, and further inviting the SALT team to share experiences
Ouma Mugeni - Uganda


Village communities in Karnataka, India, supporting those among them with HIV. By sharing experiences the community learns from each other. Now, with a greater understanding of what they could do to help people with HIV, they are eager to help, by referring to services, and by supporting them in other ways____________________

Arun Bhandari

A fathers group becomes very supporting when they are equipped with sufficient knowledge on ARH issues and a better understanding of SALT as ways of thinking and working.
Wiwin Winarni

PLWHIV staff and volunteers at all levels from the regional network to the province, district and sub-district groups were well trained on HIV, situation analysis, action planning, etc. prior to the community forums at the village level and the sub-district level.
Mr. Suriya Wingworn


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