Hello friends,


I  will be working on a research about the life of a Peace workers who  devotes their lives in Peace advoacy,  What drives a Peace worker stays in this field?  Whats in Peace work that made them stay?  Is it for Career or the Passion that motivates them to continue the advocacy.  I am a neophyte in this field, and I am eager to hear your own stories as well; difficulites that about this profession and the fulfilment of one's self as they devote their time, skills and effort just for the name of PEACE WORK.  God bless everyone.

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Hi Pamela,

This sounds like very interesting reearch and much needed. Who is the research for I wonder? A  question came into my mind  immediately when I  read your posting. It was a question that you may wish to ask those who will participate in your research. "Why do you want to be a peace worker?" or " Why are you a peace worker?"


Then other questions came into my mind. They were:

1. What are the most significant things you feel you have learned in your role as peacemaker about (a) yourself (b) your interactions with others (c) the context in which your peacemaking effort has been focused?

I hope these might help you in your research.

Good luck



Hello Tony,


Thank you so much for your suggestions,, it means a lot to me...actually this my topic for my thesis, I am a student of Conflict and Reconciliation here in the Philippines.  Good luck also to your endeavors and God bless.





Hi Pam,


I have just read your personal biodata on this site and your thesis work sounds great. If you feel I can help you further in any way, please write and ask.

Have a nice evening.



Usually, social activists/advocates (whether working on peace, labour or other social issues) prefer to achieve both passion (work missions) and career (for better socio-economic living conditions). However, it seems to be likely for them that they always get one lose one. 


In my opinion, you can learn more similar practices and mindset from other organizations working in related issues in Philippines such as Asia Acts and Visayan Forum. These organizations though mainly deal with human rights, labour, migration and human trafficking but their goals are the same to see people live in a peaceful, safe and harmonious society.


i think i am that person who work for peace, in this case working for Peace is not my career is my Passion, i can work for peace when i do not have peace, or can not lead other to find peace,



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