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Dear Friends

I find members using the word SALT for individuals in different ways. Personally, I prefer stating "practising SALT" than being SALTy. For me SALT is a practice, more than a state that others can judge. I am not SALTy, but I try to practice SALT (and it is a constant effort). I would like to hear your experience with this.

How do you use the word 'SALT' in context of individual behaviour?

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I agree with Jean, SALT is a practice and we should maintain that.


I am guilty of using the term SALTy however I see it as being a descriptor of the practice of SALT. Being SALTy means that i am practicing the SALT process which I think is fair. The term however,should not be used in isolation but must be used in conjinction with the SALT process.

Dear JLL,

I am not for the use of the word SALTy, for I would like to know more, like specifically, which component of SALT, that the particular individual is competent in. Is it Supporting, Stimulating, or bringing out Strengths, or is it in Appreciating, or in Learning, Listening, and Linking, or in Transfer. It is only fair that if the users of the word SALTy are not thus specific, then the listeners will assume that the person using the word SALTy is only praising :-(

Let us also remember that there is a fine line between appreciation and praise. When I appreciate someone, I am specific by telling what exactly is the strength in that person, and if possible the competency level of the practice of that strength, so that the person knows that the appreciation is genuine and not just a false praise.

So, let us strive to practice CLCP in truth.

When Talking about individual behavior, i listen to the person first, appreciate the courage, Share ur idea with the person, then transfer the knowledge to such individual.

Being SALTy applies to you as the SALT Facilitator. A SALT Facilitator has unique qualities than an Expert. The measure of how effective (motivating, appreciative etc) one is to stimulate WOT and eventually WOW determines how SALTy you are. A person may KNOW the process of SALT or CLCP but may not be effective in applying it to stimulating local response based on communities' strength.Hmmmmmmmmm!

I would feel something bubbling up inside me... everytime I have this experience, but I just never stopped to see what it is........thank you for STOPPING (another S in Salt*_*) me so I can reflect. 

I too, feel that SALT is a practice, rather than a state that others can judge or compare . To me, it is an experience that happens......that blossoms ......when the practice is skilfully applied, it Stimulates  Sharing ....Appreciation, Learning and creates TEAMs. *_*  a sense of belongingness and connectedness. It is a powerful experience which embraces and encourages our uniqueness, diversity and strengths.

I have heard the terms  "you are SAlty!  "Continue being SAlty"! ..."You SAlty person" on the CLC Training....and it has continued as I go along on my CLC journey.

Personally and truthfully *_*  I feel very uncomfortable when I am told this or when  I hear someone else being told it or I read it in an email or post. To me it is general and shallow ( not from the heart) ...lip syncing.......often having the tendency of coming across fake! ...this puts me in a mental debate..."really??, you think this , why?? " creates turbulence within me.....more questions arise? 

I feel like I am being rewarded for saying or doing "particular things" that in someone else's opinion appears to be "SALTY" idea is recognised, strengths are not ......the "ME" gets lost!.......on the other side I feel this is done with good effort to show Appreciation! Then again the road to hell is paved with good intention! *_*

Additionally, I find myself looking  for the traits that others are being complimented on, the "things" that make them SALTY!  I feel the "need to be better" , "that I am being compared" ...this ignites my competitive side (it's ugly) and I want to outshine that person or what they have done......losing the real essence and beauty of just BEING ...of living and loving my own uniqueness , my own specialness, that which inherently makes me Strong!  and losing the beauty and rich experiences of the SALT approach! and of Appreciating others and that which is inherent to them!  

Personally, I know that the SALT experience creates Peace....and Belongingness....the questions subsides....... it's one that comes from the heart rather than the head.. Let's keep it Real and Relative *_* 

Peace and Love 



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