Dear Friends,
What is the essence of the Constellation? What did attract you to our community? 
Why do I need your help? Am I not supposed to know?
Over the years we have kept exploring who we really are, and I have the feeling that together we might be able to peel off another layer of the envelope...
May I request your help so that we all share the meaning of our involvement more effectively. 
Many thanks in advance for your contributions

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De Chers Amis, 
Quelle est l'essence de la Constellation ? Qu'est-ce qui vous a vraiment attirés à notre communauté ? 

La Constellation, c’est une nouvelle façon d’appréhender le monde avec tous ses fils égaux dans le développement de l’humanité, personne ne doit être mis de côté (individus, organisations…)

Ce mouvement participe à la stabilité et à l’essor du monde, puisque personne n’est mis de côté

Au cours des ans nous avons continué à explorer qui nous sommes vraiment, et j'ai le sentiment qu'ensemble nous pourrions être capables de détacher d'une autre couche de l'enveloppe

Oui cela est bien possible, il s’agit d’entrer dans le cœur des organisations pour opérer ce changement. Il est nécessaire le plaidoyer à tous les niveaux, notamment décisionnel pour arriver au changement souhaité.

Hi friends,

Your responses so far are inspiring. I can almost see the stars in your eyes as you write :-)

Hummm... My connection to the Constellation has evolved a lot over the years. I have such good memories with all of you, strong moments of sharing, new insights, tears, laughter, adventures in the bush (in the real 'bush' or in the urban jungle)... What makes me feel connected to the Constellation is the human connection. Friendships I build over the years. With some I spent days, weeks, months, years. With some others I spend a few hours. And even in the few hours, a depth of connection can be there. (4 years since my last trip in PNG and i still get emails from community members there). What I absolutely love is the mindset. Our starting point is that we are all equal.

Also I think the Constellation is helping this world to strengthen the sense of community. 

Thank you all for this shared journey :-)


The 'essence' of the Constellation is the accumulative effect of the individual membership, their combined hearts of humans operating as one within the global space. Distance with respect to our homes does not affect us for who we are: stimulating local response and ownership wthin our communities. When we feel exhausted or burning out we embrace each other for being re-energized and the neccesssary support even from a kind word of motivation. I am far away from the greater part of the membership but honestly I feel wholly apart of the TEAM (^_^). I am inspired by connection via this medium. CLCP and SALT have become integral of my life and I seek out opportunities to sprinkle SALT to spice up and preserve lives.  

Hi Jean Louis,

The responses to your question have been beautiful from the lovely human beings I have met through the Constellation.  Neither do I have such beautiful words nor a great style of writing but can share from my heart.


As I answer I think of you sitting in front of me:-) For me getting to know the Constellation is like peeling a onion, layer by layer

I came across the Constellation Dec 2007. I loved the work but what strongly drew me was the practice of SALT among Constellation Support Team. And then I learned that this was the best way to transfer SALT by applying it with others around. And then it automatically followed in one's life and one's work. I remember Geoff's input that each level in self assessment should use a strength-based language. Its always stuck me.

As I delved  deeper into community life competence and other similar approaches, what struck me about the Constellation was the Learn in SALT. Constellation does not claim it facilitates the perfect approach. As we are open to learn from the community, we are eager to learn from other like-minded organisations and approaches. And also within the Constellation the freedom to be oneself, to modify the approach in one's own context keeping the essence and the quality in mind- for me is its USP.


At personal level, I always feel that I was meant to be here, its my home. there is a deep spiritual connection. I joined the Constellation at a juncture when i had started to ask questions about life and here I began to discover some answers.

In Community life competence process I struggled with the question we ask 'What is human'. Then I modified it to 'what makes us human' . I still could not fathom it. And then one day viola I was in a meeting in Belgium. We were about 20 of us belonging to different nationalities, we were sharing, very deep discussions about life, our experiences, our feeling- . And then I had this thought that here in this life we are like actors performing roles, our looks, language, culture is just we have taken on to play our role but in essence we are all the same, we have similar feelings, weaknesses, emotions, love, care. And then I had this huge surge of love for everyone present, there were tears in my eyes. I had found my answer, that's why we have a common humanity. So, Constellation has played a leading role in my spiritual journey.


There are many more layers to discover and I hope to be back next year to share my other experiences.


Jean Louis, you asked me a question which no head of the organisations I had worked with had ever asked . Hope you are meditating Rituu? Can I be anywhere else but the Constellation!

It is about life in community without borders! In fact, we work from different places, on different issues, for different goals, but sharing strengths, dreams, concerns and life experiences in true community. Life in community is more than important but the essence of humanity. In Africa we name it 'ubuntu' (being person): 'a muntu u muntu ka bantu'(true humanity is about being with humans). Therefore, for me the constellations is the essence of humanity.

i join the constellations as I can feel more and more making sense of being human. I have a space to learn from community worldwide and thus share. SALT is tasty, no doubt - we all sick it. Can we imagine a world without SALT?

Learning opportunities in which we meet to share thoughts, etc. are definitely increasing our desire to keep closer.

Updates we receive on our news letter on developments worldwide, stories of community make us not only learn but also encourage us to do more and share.



The Constellation: who are we

The Constellation video, where we journey in less then 2 minutes from space, through nature, to villages, in homes and back while exploring what the Constellation stands for. Thank YOU for being part of it.


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