Rituu B. Nanda posted a report of the first day of the Global Learning Festival in India. One of the questions it raises is the following: What happens when we recognize our common humanity? What happens when you ask the question "Are we human?" in a community?

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The villagers were determined to share with us their experiences and to ask us about ours. As we and our hosts finally reviewed at the end of the day what we had learned from each other, it was very clear that they had been taken aback and then appreciative of the way in which the barriers between us had been removed during the day. The hall was filled with energy, good humour and affection. There was laughter and noise. And, as always, there were children everywhere. (…)

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True Dialogue : When we can appreciate who we are, we are at peace and we can let go of the 'control' we want over other people's life. We always want to help because it makes us feel good and important. But we have to be careful not to take away the ownership of people over their own life issues.

Laurence,  http://aidscompetence.ning.com/profiles/blogs/true-dialogue-for

“HIV is a challenge and an opportunity to address our own understanding of what being human is “

MariJo, http://aidscompetence.ning.com/profiles/blogs/feb292010-1



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