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My interactions and experience with persons with disability especially persons who talk using sign language has really taught me how sometime we loose rich conversation in Salt visit. People may keep quiet but in one way they  are talking silently, and following conversation either through their body posture, face ,eyes and  ,as much as we talk about active listening i beg to know 

  1 -how do we become sensitive to these communication in salt visit ?

  2 Can these silent conversation help facilitators in a way to facilitate  stimulate a conversations?

    im excited to hear from other people experience in other context 

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Yes, even when people are not impaired, listen to the non verbal communication. Humans speak in silence especially if they are being thoughtful, respectful and comprehensive. Riddling as style of communication uses such cues as silence, touch, proximity, dress, unintelligible sounds and while people usually respond to verbal communication, the main points are embedded in the non verbal. Thank you for raising this point.

Facilitators of the DRC support team, RDCC, give tips for SALt visits in videos at the end of Laurence's blog

It is in French but you can read the translation in comments. Here is Cléon's tip:

“The way you look at people, the way you move, even the way you move your lips, your behaviour, your appearance… it's also a language. So when we arrive in a community, people read our physique, our eyes, our gestures ... Are you a loving person? Are you like this? All of this is a language. So when you arrive in a community, you must know how to greet, look at people. Eyes also say many things ... Our face, our eyes, our gestures should reflect joy. When there is joy, people will be more interested; they will participate; they will do what they can for the SALT approach and to perpetuate their strengths.” 


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