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I beg to understand constellation family wether we have moved from a organization to a global movement.?

Bulding from my 9yrs experience in local response the Magic in our SALT approach gives room to everyone to behave as humans !

The excitement and snergy in SALT approach once its has been owned in community processes creates shared vision,shared action there is sustainabilty, effectiveness, ownership,cost effective .

The most striking thing its how this SALT, the positive epedemic virus spreads faster !!

I do throw the spanners to all.

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Not the Constellation is the movement, SALT is the movement. (I think)

Not the Constellation is the movement, but SALT is.

Usually a movement is used to describe a group of people that works around a political or social topic. In that sense, and given the fact that the Constellation is active around the world, one could say that the Constellation is a movement. My definition of a movement is slightly different however. A movement "moves" people, puts them into a dynamic. For me the nucleus of what moves the people within (members) and outside the Constellation (partners) is SALT. So I prefer SALT to be called the movement since it is not limited to the Constellation alone. All people, groups and organisations that apply, support and adhere to a SALT approach work on the same movement.

Dear Abednego, 

Some of us have been asking ourselves the same question.

Here is the dream for the Constellation in 2050 that we came up with a couple of years ago:

We will live in a world where communities take action based on their strengths to realise their dream. They inspire others when they connect to learn and to share and for mutual support.

If this were to come about, then the world in which we live would be changed. And I think it would be changed for the better. This is what we are working towards. 

I don't know if it helps to give the Constellation a label such as 'movement'. People see the word in different ways. But I do know that we are working towards our dream and if others want to call the Constellation a movement then that is OK by me. 

Thank you for the spanner. Keep throwing them. 

Best regards 


Jan Somer  thank you particularly when you say SALT is the movement ,if im not wrong the constellation members are the SALT practitioners, which its difficult to separate the two

Phillip thank you for the expounding the dream ,it sets the ground to hear others experience

Probably it would be interesting to hea rthe definition of a social movement from experience

 im throwing the spanners to  the public


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