Confidential Draft: Attendees of T&T Community AIDS Competence Process


  • On the 4-7th July, UNAIDS hosted an AIDS Competence Workshop held at Hotel Normandie, bringing together several stakeholders within the government and the civil society organisations and PLHIV.
  • The mechanism introduced being SALT. That being Stimulate, Appreciate, Learn and Transfer.
  • The main goals being to impact the introspection/reflection of the Human heart as it relates to the ways of working and interactions of the attendees.
  • The process was effectively applied upon the execution of two SALT visits  in two communities, Youth and PLHIV.
  • Within the Manifesto of the People’s Partnership in order for a united people to achieve sustainable development for Trinidad and Tobago we must have prosperity for all, a statement which highlights all key areas, including:
  • Strengthen implementation of the National HIV policy.
  • Develop a policy to promote healthier lifestyles.
  • Lifestyle campaign to achieve healthy lifestyles.
  • Stake Holders advisory council

What has been achieved

—  Having now reviewed the ways in which we work, several things have come forth.

—  A draft Action Plan for the way of moving forward has been formulated.

—  A draft Vision Statement has also been written.

—  Using ten practices of the Self/Community Assessment Framework based solely on HIV/AIDS we were able to asses both where we are at currently as well as where we need to be, i.e Level 5 (this practice is part of out lifestyle)

—  There was a clear consensus based on the ten practices that we as a country have achieved. Generally we are only at level 3 (We act, sporadically and unreliably)

—  Thus a number of draft plans have been created to move forward to getting the country at level 5 as part of our country lifestyle that in turn leads to behaviour change

Ways of Moving Forward

—  We  propose to have a country coordinating mechanism that would speak to social investment and not social dependency and as such facilitate a process that would build a functioning networking system between government and the civil society. (NGO, CBO, FBO)

—  Law Reform

—  HIV Coordinators within each Ministry.

—  Proper focal points at community levels and MARP.


—  Imagination is a vehicle which take you anywhere you want to go, without it you go nowhere.

—  Investing in the lives of citizens of the people of Trinidad and Tobago means the preservation of our equitable Humanity, Economy, continued Development and Sustainability.

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Hi Autry,

Good to see this power point, and all its suggestions put up for discussions. We have more than ten from T&T, who attended the event signed up here on ACP Ning. So, you can look forward to them contributing to develop this draft action plan to a more concrete one.

Hello Autry,

I registered a group online here but there has been no response ans when I chked my page I did not see any history that is was created can you please confirm.

I also would like to know about the next step with regards to the training, and can some of my members of RED do the 1st part of the course ( which we did at the workshop in TnT) online?







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