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I want to know more about how CLCP has been used in improving the lives of farmers by improving productivity of crops, better nutrition, and helping them sell for better price. Also how CLCP is used in increasing the resilience to changing environment.

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Hi Rituu and Shankar Ji

I happen to work with an organization working with different groups,farmers,Youth and Enterpreneurs even health issue. What we do is we let the community form a group or forum who help each other in any important matter they have share it and connect with partners,in the matter of training,capacity building oeven different,trades. The forum act as a platform for the commnity but working and doing different job. I do not know this idea serve your purpose or not,but i do hope it could give you some basic insight about the SALT and how it connects.

Shankar from experience we have used farm visits(we visit each farmer farm once per month ) particularly using clcp ,these visits are facilitated by experienced facilitators who belong in the farmers group and who shares the same vision

During these farm visits we share and learn our concerns ,our success ,challenges and our dreams in appreciative way
An example a farmer who succeeded in breakthrough of controlling the pest and diseases in his farm share the experience ,may be a farmer in the visits may have be unable to do so ,he learns and he is able to increase the production ,these may include different areas ,lik ,best seeds in the market that produces more, they may share how they are able to educate their children ,these motivates others farmer

Lessons learnt are documented to create a knowledge bank for reference by farmers
These visits are of great help to the farmers ,the most important part is to do reflections of all farms visited to enabled the farmers refresh what they saw and learnt ,carry lessons home and apply

Dear Sankar, CLCP helps people take ownership and be responsible around any issue. Agriculture and environment are no different. I would stimulate such process with the communities you refer to. Here is what stimulation achieved with communities engaged with different commodities. I would do similar in your context.

of course some technical knowledge would be helpful whether in agriculture and / or environment for the eventual outcome / impact to be meaningful to these communities.

Hope this can skype me as well autry.haynes

warm regards



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