Rituu B. Nanda a posté le compte-rendu de la première journée du Festival d’échange mondial. Voici une des questions qu'il soulève: Comment encourager les communautés à agir ? Comment améliorer l’approche de la compétence communautaire sur ce plan ? Connaissez-vous d’autres approches desquelles nous pourrions apprendre ?

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First over....how do we behave as Facilitator???

Do not assume, however, that we can get prepared "once and for all." We facilitators are continually learning more and more ....... It is a never ending process, and we will be doomed to failure if we ever think we know it all and it has a big impact on how the Community gonna act.

When we start talking about community problems, and asking what their priority problems are, there will be a tendency to assume that we are there to solve their problems for them. We must counteract this assumption and explain that they have to solve their own problems; we can only assist and guide them, not do it for them.

Similarly, they may assume that we will provide resources. Quickly and firmly squash that assumption, explaining that they must identify and provide their own resources; we can only assist and guide them in doing so.

We will learn to use stories,.... to illustrate our points.

The truth is that, if they shift from a "provision" approach to an "enabling" approach, in time, they will benefit. That is because every community has hidden resources that will not be identified and used so long as outside other people are expected to provide all the resources.

It is our duty to demonstrate that the "provision" approach may benefit "others" in the short run, but is not sustainable, whereas the "enabling" approach contributes to genuine development and growth which benefit them in the long run.

If it is not done correctly, it is not worth doing at all. The "provision" approach weakens the community and contributes to the socially debilitating "dependency syndrome."

Once the community has been prepared (awareness raised, unity improved, information accurate, priority action chosen by them), it is now ready to go into action.

At all times you are facilitating  the community, show them that this is an opportunity to learn. Preparing an action plan may at first seem to them to be an unnecessary nuisance; you must be enthusiastic in showing them its importance and usefulness.

The community gets stronger when its members learn by doing and when we facilitate their self learning. Then...here is the community in action....!!!

Hi! I completely agree with Dr Prince Bosco. We, CARE SAKSHAM Grant Supplement in Andhra Pradesh are actually implementing this kind of project where we follow the enabling approach but beginning with provision approach initially.  Our community to community learning is a unique concept where we build capacities of community based organizations (CBOs) through demonstration visits at learning sites and onsite mentoring. The CBOs visit learning sites and learn various aspects of community mobilization at the site with live demonstrations. They come out with an action plan which is thereafter implemented with the support of onsite mentoring. Then, the mentoring teams provide handholding support to the CBOs initially, in achieving the targets. This is basically a provision phase. In this phase, the community members are oriented and most of the things are performed by mentors. As Dr Prince told, they tend to depend on us for everything during this phase. However, mentors make sure that the communities understand that this kind of support is temporary and communities have to get prepared to do things by themselves for sustainability. After several mentoring visits, now, community members of most of the CBOs do things by themselves with minimum support from the mentors. I think this happens when community realizes the importance of participation and engagement. I strongly believe that they go through different phases like pre contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and reach maintenance stage tohandle things independently. We can quote some examples where some CBOs get things done by themselves like getting loans for the community, mobilizing resources, getting nutritional support to the PLHAs, availing social entitlements, writing proposals, conducting events, building linkages with government and non government stakeholders , maintaining financial books of records, conducting community events, documenting the activities of the CBO etc.  It is a fact that they become perfect through practice. I agree with Dr Prince that that there is hidden potential within the communities which has to be identified and utilized for a good cause. Such opportunities encourage and strengthen the abilities of communities.  


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